IncGamers Podcast Episode 70

IncGamers Podcast 70

The latest edition of the IncGamers Podcast is now online and in this episode we talk about what we’ve been playing and also Diablo 3 Patch 13 and the skill interface among other things. I also talk about the Guild Wars 2 press Beta which we were invited into last weekend. Head here for the podcast or subscribe on iTunes and I will apologies now for my singing at the start, Peter decided to use some creative editing 😉

I know some of you have been keeping an eye on GW2 so a quick reminder that GuildWars: IncGamers has been covering the Beta extensively with reports and loads of video footage.

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3 thoughts on “IncGamers Podcast Episode 70

  1. btw: i started to inform myself on GW2 two days ago. i often say to myself “best game ever!”. more than i said it when i started to inform myself on D3 or when the skill calc was released.
    i absoltely love the classes, the customisation, the world & story, the artstyle, the graphics and the gameplay.

    •  My only problem with ti so far is that 3 utility skills feels like too little while the first 5 are basically static for your weapon build… i would have liked 4-5 and the Elite skill could use – (or + for 5)…. 

  2. Yeh it is good, I have played a lot of MMOs in the past 6 months and this is the most interesting so far. Watch out for more on this soon on the main site and GWOnline.Net. I should have more vids to go up shortly.

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