IncGamers Podcast Episode #73

This week’s podcast is now available for your listening pleasure and includes some Diablo 3 PvP removal discussion where the topic is addressed by Tim.

The IncGamers Podcast goes robo-loco as Tim shoots many robots in, err, Shoot Many Robots, John tries out the equally metallic Twisted Metal and Peter wishes he at least had some robotic companions in the often empty world of Microsoft Flight.

Blizzard’s decision to lop off the Player-vs-Player portion of Diablo III comes under scrutiny, as does the “From Ashes” day-one DLC from Mass Effect 3. We wonder what Crytek has got up its sleeve, and John reveals the horrifying torture publishers will inflict upon embargo-breakers.

Listen to the broadcast on the IncGamers podcast site, have your robo-butler nip over to iTunes, listen via our Youtube channel or below.

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4 thoughts on “IncGamers Podcast Episode #73

  1. Annoyingly I missed last night’s recording or I could have set them straight 🙂 Tim has not played D2 for quite some time so he’s a bit rusty on it.

  2. These guys are surprisingly uninformed on PvP in D3.  They actually spread more misinformation than information in this podcast.  They do get it right that pvp will not be in the game at release, so there’s something.

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