A few updates from the ‘mothership’ that might interest you. Firstly, the latest IncGamers podcast, recorded this afternoon, has just gone online. News and gossip from the gaming world this week from the team (Andy is off covering GDC so Tamer is this week’s host) and of course banter and backchat.

    Jeff Hollis’ MMO Weekly discusses his “Life as an undesirable girl”. Normally opting for a burly smashy-smashy character he experimented by creating female characters in the MMOs he’s currently playing to see what life was like from a different angle.

    Belinda Vaughan’s weekly column examines the rise of free to play MMOs and the recent shift of some MMOs from subscriber-based to FTP and what this signifies for the genre.

    Lastly, take a gander at our video interview with Dragon Age producer, Fernando Melo, who discusses the richness of the game and how that has the makings of an MMO. If you’re a Dragon Age fan that is going to be good news no doubt.

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