IncGamers Podcast #52 & RPG news

The latest IncGamers Podcast show is now available for streaming/download. This week we discuss Little Big Planet 2, the Bad Company 2 announcement, Crysis 2 and more.  Michael Pachter is the subject of Bullshit Story of the Week and the quiz gets rowdier than usual. Listen In!

Jeff Hollis’ MMO Weekly takes a look at the good old set up of Tank, Healer and DPS (known as the Triad of Classes (TOC)), the standard group formation in many MMOs and why this seems to be the case in so many MMOs and RPGs.

Belinda has written her weekly MMO news Wrap Up, keeping it all bitesized for the busy MMO fan.  Finally, she has landed an exlusive demo for Runes of Magic: Chapter III which has just gone online a few minutes ago.

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  1. Rather than bitching about the duplicated data like I did above I went and fixed the gauntlets data.  I had to use a couple of ? as I wasn’t sure of the data.  I also added +20 str req to the belt.

    One other suggestion is to include the number of slots belts have.

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