Although the grumpy tones of Tim are missing, this week myself and the team discuss the Starbreeze project cancellation (is it Bourne or is it Syndicate for the chop?!), the news on Champions Online and the departure of Bill Roper, the lack of subscribers on MMOs and, of course, our Bullshit Story of the Week, which we have two of this week!  Listen to the IncGamers Podcast.

    Jeff “Pigg” Hollis’ discusses Farmville, the hugely popular MMO on the even more popular Facebook which, believe it or not, puts the WoW playerbase numbers in to the shade.  Is this the blueprint for the next generation of SuperMMOs (TM)?.

    Tamer interviews (video & text) Yosuke Saito Producer of Nier the action JRPG from Square Enix aimed at a world-wide audience and said to appeal to eastern and western audiences equally.  Looks very pretty, as they usually do, and has a less common story arc then western MMOs.

    Belinda has this week produced a video walkthrough of Mortal Online’s character creation process – this is the sandbox MMO from Starvault which for some reason requires you to be absoutely naked, your avatar not you, although if the fancy takes you I guess…  And if you like your RPG/MMO news in bitesize portions then her weekly wrap-up serves up the hottest this week had to offer.

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