Get your key now!

    A couple of things I want to inform you all about quickly this afternoon on the main IncGamers.com website.

    First up we have 1000 beta keys for Grinding Gear Games’ Path of Exile (see Flux’s first reaction and a recent Diablo Podcast with PoE lead Chris Wilson) which I am sure all of you know about if you are a regular reader. I would grab these now as they will go fast so I am giving the Diablo community all some advanced warning. No “jumping through hoops” or anything like that, simply grab one instantly 🙂 There is also a POE forum here on the site if you want to chat with other players.

    Also wrapping up this afternoon for UK gamers is the chance to win a boxed copy of Paradox Interactive’s King Arthus 2 (see review)

    Update: All 1000 keys are now gone. My, you are keen!

    Update #2: As quickly as these vanished, Chris Wilson was nice enough to send us another 50 keys for the Path of Exile beta test. We’re giving out 10 in our Pals forum and 40 in this thread in our PoE forum.

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