IncGamers Path of Exile Beta Key Giveaway and King Arthur 2 Comp

Get your key now!

A couple of things I want to inform you all about quickly this afternoon on the main website.

First up we have 1000 beta keys for Grinding Gear Games’ Path of Exile (see Flux’s first reaction and a recent Diablo Podcast with PoE lead Chris Wilson) which I am sure all of you know about if you are a regular reader. I would grab these now as they will go fast so I am giving the Diablo community all some advanced warning. No “jumping through hoops” or anything like that, simply grab one instantly 🙂 There is also a POE forum here on the site if you want to chat with other players.

Also wrapping up this afternoon for UK gamers is the chance to win a boxed copy of Paradox Interactive’s King Arthus 2 (see review)

Update: All 1000 keys are now gone. My, you are keen!

Update #2: As quickly as these vanished, Chris Wilson was nice enough to send us another 50 keys for the Path of Exile beta test. We’re giving out 10 in our Pals forum and 40 in this thread in our PoE forum.

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  1. Got one!
    Thank you.
    Finally a hack and slash to keep me busy till D3’s release 😀

  2. Sensational!!! Many thx, a long waiting ends now! Cheers!

  3. THANKS!

    …OH NO!!!

    D3 Beta – CHECK
    PoE Beta – CHECK
    GW2 Beta – CHECK

    WTF?!?!?! I need more time to test all these games!!!

  4. Wow, big thanks guys! I’ve been wanting this for a while

  5. Wow, thanks, didn’t really know about the game and now i have a key! Much better than waiting for 3 months and not even having a chance at a key (yes, im hinting at diablo 3). Gonna enjoy my time now with PoE 😀

  6. Just installed PoE.  Will be interesting to see how this game changes from now til release.

  7. Thank you IncGamers! Now this is how to do it. Loved that there were no stupid endless hoops.

  8. It is a pretty fun game, but as a Barbarian-only D3 beta player, the Marauder (even with the always-hit skill) is absolutely boring in comparison.  The ragdolls, visuals, and sound effects in D3 make a HUGE difference, along with the much-more-fun skill system than in PoE (I’m level 40-something in PoE, btw).
    I’m an intelligent simpleton.

    • I played it for a while and then left it. Firstly, thanks a lot, IncGamers, for the beta key. But the game feels set TOO much in the world of Diablo 2, albeit without too much of the story elements that draw us in. I was strangely relieved to see that after 10+ years of playing Diablo 2 and LOD and Titan Quest and PoE, I am craving for something different…I guess the D3 guys did think right about the art style etc. after all…

  9. Nice!  Thanks for the key!  Due entirely to Flux’s write-up from oh-so long ago, I was intrigued about this game and signed up for the beta immediately after reading about it.  I hope to have some fun, and it’s all thanks to incgamers!

  10. Beta key? For ME!? Wow, really – I love you guys!
    Thanks so much, even as it is not D3, for sure I will check it <3

  11. Why the H*** are you guys writing about this s*** 
    Only thing that matters is D3 BETA KEYS!!!!!! 

    • Blizzard has fansite keys!
      All you have to do is register for a forum to get linked to twitter, tweet to get to facebook, and watch facebook for a .5 second window to win a chance at a key by sucking off some simpleton webmaster.

      Or you can just get a PoE key, which is an ARPG like Diablo. 

    • Amen DemoTheFeared. Ive got 3 POE keys already as an extra, just would like to test D3…but nah its impossible with EU and blizzards view towards us.

  12. Thank you very much Rushster & Incgamers for offering us a very straightforward way of getting into a beta. Just bagged myself a key. I look forward to giving this a go over the weekend greatly. 🙂

    Should certainly tie many of us over until we get our hands on the finished Diablo 3! :p 

  13. Already have a key but just wanting to say this is a very good game to play until D3 is out, i love it.

  14. Thanks for the key!  Downloading right now.  

  15. I got my key! Yeah buddy! 😈  

  16. Many thanks Rush!

    Been waiting for beta key for PoE for what feels like ages (actualy compared to the D3 wait, not that long)

    Really looking forward to testing this out finaly.  Full game FTW!

  17. Got one! Many thanks to! I like the looks of PoE and love the MSSIVE passive skill tree!
    On a sadder note, I’m still waiting on my D3 beta key =(
    (captcha: quid pro quo, which translates to “this instead of that”, guess my PoE key will have to do for now…)

  18. Thanks, got one 😀

  19. Wow! Great! Thank you so much! I’ve been waiting to try the beta for ages now! Will give it a go over the weekend! You guys/gals (phew, almost left out Elly…) are great!

  20. Ty, gonna test it asap.

  21. Sweet I got one! 🙂

  22. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’ve been trying to get beta access for this for ages.

  23. Cool thanks! I wish DIII beta was that easy to get into

  24. Finally I can enjoey some kind of beta, even if its not D3

  25. Thanks for the key. Finally a new game to try out.

  26. Thanks a lot for the key 🙂

  27. Congrats to all who made it in. You are going to love this game.

  28. Ugh, just missed it I guess, no PoE keys left.

    Thanks anyways!

  29. Some day I’ll get into a beta.

  30. Missed the boat.  Darn.  No d3 beta or PoE beta for me.

  31. Start: The giveaway starts accepting entries on 24 Feb 2011
    Anyway, they are all gone.

  32. the POE devs have an entire forum dedicated to what they plan on doing with the game and the game mechanics (talk about dev communication!)

    www dot pathofexile dot com/forum/view-forum/253 

  33. So how’s the game?

    • It’s great.  Much, much better than Torchlight.  Possibly better than D2, but that remains to be seen.  I haven’t played the D3 beta so no comment/comparison there.

    • Maybe it’s a little early to tell since I have only played one class for about 2h so far, but it’s potentially the best Diablo-clone I have played.

  34. Thanks for letting me know! 😀 Been ard there since oct but not key, but this notice got me one 🙂 Been playing for two hours now, it’s sooo diabloesque, but the potions can be magic, just imagine! 🙂

  35. Congratulations, Here is your key: INPUR-KGU9H-ZWWG7-APSAP

  36. Hello can u give me beta keys?

  37. Hi! Can you give me beta key? 

  38. If its not late I would love a beta key
    thanks anyway 🙂

  39. If there is one little beta key for path of exile flying around i would love to have it

  40. ah 🙁 came to late for a POE beta key

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