IncGamers Patch 17 Live Stream

IncGamers will be broadcasting a Live Stream tonight of Diablo III Beta.


  1. TheFarxy
  2. Bowzer
  3. Kaydee
  4. Uder

Stream ended, but we kept the videos from the streams in the archive.

During the stream we have a Live Chat were users can ask questions about the Beta and we will try to answer them. So come in and join us and the rest of the community. Make sure you bring your own snacks.

You find the Stream and Live Chat here

Watch live video from incgamersd3 on

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  1. Grrrrr the twitch tv app blows and my comp is being updated no way to watch I really enjoy these though you guys rock 

  2. add me for next run through ^^


  3. .. Boring, who cares? Been watching these streams since September of last year. Don’t care anymore.

  4. How did you guys manage to log in on B.Net???
    I’m currently not able to play, tried on 2 different systems. 

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