This is not Diablo 3 related but it is related to the site. As some of you may know I look after a lot of what goes on in the background to keeping everything ticking week in week out over the 15+ years Diablo: IncGamers has been running. It’s tough job,  the way we create and digest content is continually changing as Intertube technology moves forward.

    An article this week on the PA Report for me was an interesting read, it shows that all web publications are in the same boat when it comes to keeping their sites running and providing fresh content and new features. The article entitled Ad-blockers, the games press, and why sexy cosplay galleries lead to better reporting explains the issues Elly and I face when it comes to the websites and I would urge everyone here to check it out as it highlight the problems and dilemmas we face every day when running this website and others on IncGamers.

    Many years ago we introduced the PAL system on the network so that you could have a direct impact on what we could produce for the community. Since the system launched thousands of you have chipped in and it’s been a massive help in keeping everything ticking.

    During the .com crash in early 2000, I remember the problems we had when the bottom fell out of the advertising market. At that point the towel was almost thrown in, but Elly was determined to keep Diabloii.Net (as it was known then) online, she was so passionate about this community and the Diablo franchise. She dipped into her own savings and sunk 20K into keeping the site online for over a year to cover hosting costs and other admin stuff essential to keep the site online. It was a tough time and many of the PALs really helped ease the burden. All of us are super thankful to all the PALs.

    This is not a plea for more PALs, sure it’s always super helpful when people do support us, it takes a lot of pressure off and gives us more time to create more features and content for you all to consume. All the funds we raise go directly back into the content, features and writers, so the more we raise directly, the more writing we can push out or new features we can start working on. This type of direct support is simply fantastic, we are a really small team and I think many of you would be surprised at the hours we put in every day.

    In an ideal world this site and others on IncGamers would be completely ad free, we would love it to go that way. But as the article points out, that is easier said than done. Do take a look over the PA Report article, it will hopefully open a few eyes to how sites work, fund themselves and solutions to make game related websites more informative and feature-packed.

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