This week’s IncGamers MMO Weekly with Jeff Hollis (the chief editor of WanderingGoblin) touches briefly on our article on DiabloWikiBattle.net, and speculates around the friends/foes lists. I’m really glad he liked our article, and he continues the topic about friends lists and accounts.

    It’s a good read for anyone interested in further information, or perhaps just want a recap of the past week’s event in the world of MMO’s.

    The big deal to MMO gamers is that Battle.Net 2.0 will allow you to easily import and export your friends list from one Blizz game to another.  Your enemies list (affectionately called the /ignore list) will also be imported.  Even more intriguing, a reputation system is planned, so that your rep will follow you wherever you go.

    You can find the MMO Weekly here.

    Remember that you can find all video interviews, regular interviews, previews and important Blizzard quotes in the DiabloWiki DiabloWikiMedia Coverage archive of Diablo 3.

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