IncGamers Live Stream tonight

IncGamers will be broadcasting a Live Stream tonight of Diablo III Beta. The Stream will start at 13.00 PDT, 22.00 CEST, 20:00 GMT


  1. TheFarxy
  2. Bowzer

We have 2 open spots so if you want to join, head over to the stream and talk to us.

During the stream we have a Live Chat were users can ask questions about the Beta and we will try to answer them. So come in and join us and the rest of the community. Make sure you bring your own snacks.

You find the Stream and Live Chat here

We keep the videos from the streams in the archive.

Watch live video from incgamersd3 on

To find out more about The Unofficial IncGamers Clan head over to our Forum Thread

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  1. Me love you long time

  2. Long time????¿ You don’t even reach the 3 minutes…. o.0

  3. I wish I could play.

  4. Will there be free pizza?

  5. pizza, dam it will be zombie pizza to all 😉

  6. Could you talk about the systems you are playing the game with and how it runs?

    Regards Beltt

  7. wow, my ears are bleeding from that bowzer-voice. arrogant freak, should get a life IMHO

  8. I played in. Arkady is trying to bring back this wonderful soulful music that was born and thrived in Lithuania before the malkhome. Being in Lithuania was an eye opening experience and it was great to see it on in your program. Thank you.
    best screensaver

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