IncGamers Live Stream tonight


IncGamers will be broadcasting a Live Stream tonight of Diablo III Beta. The Stream will start at 11.00 PDT, 20.00 cest, 19:00 GMT


  1. TheFarxy
  2. Bowzer
  3. Dokuton
  4. Loriku

Stream ended, but we kept the videos from the streams in the archive.

During the stream we have a Live Chat were users can ask questions about the Beta and we will try to answer them. So come in and join us and the rest of the community. Make sure you bring your own snacks.

You find the Stream and Live Chat here

Watch live video from incgamersd3 on

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  1. Looking forward 🙂 The last streaming event was nice

  2. Nice to see you guys doing this for the community.   Will you be leveling from 1 to SK or playing end gamers.   Too bad it is late or I would join the TBAs 🙂

  3. Fun times 😀 Muggs you do a run or 2 with us.
    Click above for mumble info if anyone on here wishes to participate.

  4. looking forward :DD

    btw: you got smth wrong with the times: it should be at 18:00 GMT. Beside this GMT is no longer a used term. Its now UTC (Universal Time Coordinated). 

    • If it would be 18:00 GMT  (Universal Time Coordinated? First time i’ve heard this term…), then it also would be 19:00 CET and 10:00 PDT … …

  5. nope. CEST is not the same as CET. CEST (Central Europe Summer Time) is GMT/UTC + 2:00. CET is GMT/UTC + 1:00

  6. Drekk … connection to bad to watch the stream… 5 seconds video and sound before having to wait 20 seconds for the next 5 seconds video and sound 🙁 … Damn… how I hate only having an UMTS-connection available… :/

  7. When get I home, if you guys are still going I’d love to jump in.

  8. Caught the beginning of it… is always good to see a live stream and even better to see it from the IncGamers community!

  9. No offense guys, really, but 4 almost naked barbarians, fighting shoulder to shoulder…
    Looks a bit [email protected], doesn’t it?
    Not if that’s a problem.

  10. I was wrong, 1 is a woman – only 3 of them are [email protected]
    And not fighting – just running around the Skeleton King.
    Now, that’s [email protected]
    Calling yourselves barbarians? What a shame.

  11. that naked run was much more entertaining than any normal runthrough, good decision on making one! Sadly it ended with Leoric teabagging you, but it that was the whole point anyway.

  12. earlier notification wouldve been nice

  13. Cant believe I died before Bowzer, it’s all his fault though!

  14. I see my suggestion was followed through 8)

  15. when is apoc gonna be invited to do one of these with you guys?

  16. Don’t mean to sound rude but, is Zoe a girl or a boy?

  17. Nice canadian bashing lori.

    I’d live to do a stream with you guys, but you always do it way too late for me 😀 

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