IncGamers Live Stream tonight


To celebrate Patch 16 IncGamers will be broadcasting a Live Stream tonight of Diablo III Beta. The Stream will start at 12.00 PDT, 21.00 cest, 20:00 GMT


  1. Kaydee
  2. TheFarxy
  3. Bowzer
  4. loriku

During the stream we have a Live Chat were users can ask questions about the Beta and we will try to answer them. So come in and join us and the rest of the community. Make sure you bring your own snacks.

You find the Stream and Live Chat here

Stream ended, but we kept the videos from the streams in the archive.

Watch live video from incgamersd3 on

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  1. you’re celebrating a stupid patch? I’ll definitely remember not to let you organize a bachelor party

  2. Torture at its finest!!! 

    Yep Im still beta less…
    Im know Im not the only one, but it sure feels like it…

  3. Hate to be padantic but it is 6:50pm gmt here and the feed is live.  Beta-less here too but 34 days to go and soaking up anything and everything available until launch

    ….. q trolls…. “get a life, get friends etc …..”

    There you go saved yo a job.

  4. will this be 4 people in a multiplayer game, each person playing a different class ?

  5. you guys need a 4th? i am up for it let me know

  6. Can you stream naked hardcore later? It would be awesome to see you get picked off one by one 😈

  7. i do like this site, but that was outright boring to watch…

  8. What’s happening, I’m playing something?

  9. Anyone know what voice chat program is being used?

  10. Mumble is being used.

    Sorry I couldn’t join you guys, hope you had fun. 

  11. Playing so early during a week day!  Hope the run was popular, will we see more of these after launch for say…  First forays into Inferno?

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