IncGamers Interviews Blizzard’s Frank Pearce

Oki, so at the press event earlier this week, I had a chat with Blizzard’s VP of Product Development, Frank Pearce. It’s mostly StarCraft 2 questions, but they touch upon and Diablo III as well as WoW on the more general topics.

A very interesting interview and well worth a read (or perhaps just watch the video)!

  • Blizzard’s Frank Pearce Interview
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3 thoughts on “IncGamers Interviews Blizzard’s Frank Pearce

  1. I dunno, I liked the old mythological beast naming convention. Maybe they couldn’t use hydra (due to it being a skill name and all), but viper, centaur, etc would’ve been fine. They aren’t super strict (like multistrike), they aren’t boring like color names, and they fit in more w/ lore a little bit. Also, picking up an Indigo rune, you have no freaking clue what it does until you open up your skill tab and look at it. At least a hydra rune you could maybe guess “multistrike? Fire or poison? Regenerative properties?”

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