IncGamers Final Diablo 2 HC Hell Ladder Live Stream tonight

IncGamers will be broadcasting a Live Stream tonight of The Diablo 2 HC Hell Ladder. The Stream will start at 15.00 PDT, 00.00 CEST, 23:01 GMT.

To get instant information follow our Twitter Account

During the stream we have a Live Chat were users can ask questions and we will try to answer them. So come in and join us and the rest of the community. Make sure you bring your own snacks.

You find the Stream and Live Chat here

More information after the break

Watch live video from incgamersd3 on

To find out more about The Unofficial IncGamers Clan head over to our Forum Thread

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    15 thoughts on “IncGamers Final Diablo 2 HC Hell Ladder Live Stream tonight

    1. ok tonight we will do act 5, and kill baal.
      after we are done we will start a PVP game US east. last man standing. after we will then make the game info public and the last man standing will bring all the loot to town.

    2. I will not be on the stream tonight since I cannot be sure that spoilers will not be flying. 

    3. Call me ‘special’…but I don’t understand the times you posted. 15:00 Pacific would be 3pm. However, “00.00” central time would mean midnight if in the same format as pacific. Can someone please clear this up for me / others?

    4. I have seen HC diablo 2 last ladder and it was just a bunch of bots and a “few” peeps following them.

      • Yep. Get yourself a ravenclaw, press the “n” key a lot and go into some enchant games. Don’t forget respecs are your friend. Go for max damage early on since it’s easy, then go for your special build. 

    5. Hey didn’t Farxy said he was gonna post an email in the chat so we could participate in the giveaways on the 14th??

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