IncGamers Diablo III Review

After a lot of time with the game, IncGamers’ Tim McDonald finished up his review of Diablo 3. As I mentioned last week, I opted not to take on the review as its hard to be 100% objective if you’re a fan. Tim has played all the previous games and has not followed Diablo 3’s development quite as religiously as most of us so I wasn’t sure how he would take it having played the Beta for only a short period of time.

Having listend to Tim’s comments on the Beta, I wasn’t sure how he would take the retail release. So what did he think of the final game? Read the review right here.


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  1. Well Written review and I agree with 90% of everything he said.

  2. Yep, pretty much agree with that review entirely.

  3. 9/10 ? He is going to be dismember alive.

  4. Agreed. Good review.

  5. A to-the-point, but very informative review.

    The story has as many twists as a 2×4 board?  A tad harsh. I enjoyed a lot of the bestiary as i battled the mentioned monster, and I was a tad surprised by the end of the game.

    (Trying not to spoil as I still have friends who arent even in the 3rd act, the slowpokes.) 

    • 10/10!  Otherwise you are a HERETIC!  BURN! 😀
      Also your friend in Act III, what’s his deal? I mean isn’t he on summer vacation??

      👿 👿 👿

  6. Yup, I’d agree too 🙂  And as for the story… well, it isn’t really any WORSE than most other video game stories, except for a handle of outstanding exceptions 😉

  7. This guy gets it. Diablo is no longer a mind-numbing slot machine simulator, but a game with actual worthwhile game play built into it that involves actual effort on the part of the player in order to succeed.

    Agree on the story. I really liked some of the sequences, but the overall writing is fairly bland.

    Still, I give it a 10, if only because every other ARPG available can’t even compare to the quality of this one.

  8. A fair review without histrionics seen on many other reviews out there.

  9. Great game but please fire Chriz Metzen and the people who came up with the online only idea.

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