For people uninterested in StarCraft II, you might have missed all the the news over at StarCraft: IncGamers, and possibly even IncGamers.com. There are, however, a few highlights that might be of interest to Diablo players as well. Basically, I had a chat with Frank Pearce, Blizzard’s VP of Product Development, earlier this week. Among other things that will be posted in the full interview tomorrow, there was a few other highlights…

    • LAN in any form, full or semi-connected have finally been completely confirmed to not be available or of interest for Blizzard in StarCraft II. It’s a safe bet it will be excluded in Diablo III as well (in case you had not already followed the D3 debate on it). Bit sad news, but hopefully Battle.net will be able to be all those things Blizzard is promising.
    • Asked by fans on why Blizzard require opt-in out from sharing private data to use Battle.net, Frank comforts us saying Blizzard has NOT be able to play with each other. They want a good relationship with their fans.
    • US/EU friends who play StarCraft II will recession-proof any time soon without buying two boxes. On the upside, that won’t be breaking the TOS or EULA. This is the same stance as WoW, and will likely also be the way for Diablo III.
    • On the economical side of things, Blizzard seems to be China in fact, and is looking to Asia, China in fact, for even further growth and avid gamers. Diablo III is naturally one of the games they hope to expand greatly with.

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