incgamers diablo 3 clan and communityWe’ve long had three Hardcore clans on the Americas Server: IncGamers Hardcore West/East/North, running IncHCW, IncHCE, and IncHCN for tags. All the clans are nearly-full, but a lot of those numbers are players who have gone inactive, so to get a larger group of active players we are merging the East and West clans into “IncGamers Hardcore” clan. Our “IncGamers HC North” clan is *not* merging or closing or changing at this time, since it’s lately the busiest of the three (no doubt due to Xanth’s intrepid leadership). (Plus it’s cool to have a normal and a North version, as Blizzard once proved.)

    Unfortunately, Battle.net offers zero tools for Diablo 3 clan management, so the only way to do this is for members to manually leave the East and West clans, search for “IncGamers Hardcore” and request to join. (You can’t search on clans while you’re in one.) All current members are welcome in the new clan, and we may open up to general recruiting after the merging time, if space permits. (Bnet has a 150 max member cap in D3 clans.)

    This process is live right now, and we’ve had news posts in the clans for the past week giving warning of the October 1st deadline. But since there are 50+ people still in East and West who haven’t merged, here’s a reminder. If you’re one of those people and you haven’t logged on for a while, this is your final notice. We’ll be shutting down both the East and West Hardcore clans late night tonight, which means all members who have not already moved to the new clan will find themselves clanless when they next log on.

    If that’s you, or you’re just looking for a good Hardcore clan with active, helpful players, look us up. On the Americas server, it’s IncGamers Hardcore . We are *not* accepting new recruits while the merger is ongoing, but we should have space to add some more Hardcore players by this weekend. Or you could choose to join our “IncGamers HC North” Clan, which is recruiting right now. We’ve also got an “IncGamers Hardcore” clan on Europe, which is once again recruiting after we booted 30 inactives earlier this week to open up some space.

    Clans are useful in Diablo 3, but especially so in Hardcore, where death happens and it’s good to play with people you know, people who know what they’re doing, and people who can help you out with a power level or other assistance after the inevitable doom befalls your hero. Many of the regular site contributors are in our Hardcore clans, including me, Xanth, ZappaFan, Wolfpaq, Aahzmandius, Nizaris, and others I’m currently forgetting, so you can see our characters alive and kicking, before something bad happens to fuel a podcast rant.

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