We posted about the new IncGamers clan yesterday and you guys promptly overloaded the Battle.net system with a deluge of join requests. (See the updates on the OP for details.) It didn’t take long for the original clan to hit the 150 hardcap, with dozens of join requests impossible to accept.

    This was all in about 10m last night. Loot was FLYING.

    This was all in about 10m last night. Loot was FLYING.

    Learning from that experience, we’ve expanded the options.

    • IncHC2: IncGamers Hardcore clan 2, on the US and IncHC on the European server. (IncHC on US is full.) Join the group and experience mortality.
    • INC2: IncGames Clan #2, available on the US and EU server.
    • INC: IncGamers Clan #2, on US and EU. (The initial clans filled up on both US and EU.).
    • Search by the clan name or “IncGamers” and request a join if you want to get in with a bunch of good players, see dozens of clan games to join, completely escape gold spam bots, and drool over the green and orange eye candy of other people’s hot lunches. We’ve also an IncGamers community you can join, though I’m not entirely clear how Battle.net “communities” differ from “clans” and what their utility is.

      If you can find the clans change the language settings, some are English (British) but we can’t change it to just English. It must be a bug as it’s meant to be an option for Leaders, but there you go, all the fun of launch week. As soon as that’s enabled we’ll change it to English.

      Update: Post updated to reflect that IncGamers US and EU, and US HC all maxed out, and #2 clans are live on all realms.

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