IncGamers Competition - Win Limited Edition Mines of Moria

A note to all our readers that there are five copies of Lord of the Rings Online – Mines of Moria Limited Editions up for grabs which include the original game and the expansion, as well as 60 days free game time (for both new and existing players), Where the Fellowship Walked map, Gold* ?One Ring? in velvet pouch, Elven cloak brooch, Soundtrack CD, 3 of 8 Special in-game items and 6 Buddy Key Kinship postcards. The competition is simple enough and is open to UK residents. Drop over and get your add your coment in the forums.

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1 thought on “IncGamers Competition - Win Limited Edition Mines of Moria

  1. “now clearly the entire rune system is pretty much ripped off from sacred.”

    To me it seems Sacred ripped Diablo 1 spellbooks and Diablo 2 socketable runes and combined them together. Diablo 3 uses runes to socket and alter skills, which is something unheard of and, imo, very cool.

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