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    Hey, everyone! I’m guessing most of you are absorbed with the latest patch to the game, or that you’ve at least tried it and discovered the changes. Maybe you’ve had legendaries rain down on you, thanks to the Community Buff that was recently made permanent? Perhaps even some upgrades?

    Some of the changes in DiabloWikiPatch 2.0.5 – like the ability to gamble Torment-only items from Kadala and massive buffs to the Crusader class – have generated great discussions in clan chat. I’ll be sharing those talks, plus some ideas the old clan brought up that are still relevant, in this edition of the Clan Dispatch. (The first discussion is from IncW, which I joined last week, and the second is from Inc2.)

    Patch 2.0.5, The Anniversary Livestream, And Hopes For The Future

    Most of those I spoke to from IncW feel that Patch 2.0.5 is a step in the right direction. Dosudro and jEj both said they’re enjoying it, and Kanzaki’s enjoyed the Crusader changes so much that it’s the only class he plays now. “I’m not sure about the changes to the other classes, but I’m digging Crusader,” he adds. The Witch Doctor also feels even more awesome, said Aegisofer, even if there are still some bugs to sort out with the class.

    The one character class they all agreed needs improvement is the Monk. Lazybum said the class needs more love, and Kanzaki said he won’t play it again till it’s about on par with the other classes. Everyone said they’re looking forward to future improvements to the class.

    I was also curious to know whether they’d had luck gambling Torment-only items from Kadala. I gambled my Zunimassa’s off hand from her last night, so I wondered if anyone else had a similar turn of fortune. Are Torment items as rare from gambling as they are from enemy drops?

    Apparently so. Clan member dustyskittle said he’d spent around 8,000 Blood Shards hoping for a Zuni’s Pox since the patch hit, with no luck. jEj had spent 10,000 on various items hoping to get pieces of the Embodiment of the Marauder and the Legacy of Raekor sets, also with no luck.

    Finally, I asked the group if anyone had watched or heard the five hour livestream put together by the community team for the game’s two year anniversary. Only a few had, but those who stayed a while and listened were encouraged by what they heard.

    Kanzaki said he’s still hoping that the devs will change legendary crafting mats and Rift Keystones so that they appear as currency in the game’s interface. Aegisofer chimed in to say that he liked the idea, since crafting mats eat up over half of one of his stash tabs.

    He added that he’s glad the devs are working on improving the weaker set items, but that they shouldn’t stop with the handful that are slated for improvements. In addition to those, he said, the Guardian’s Jeopardy and Sage’s Journey sets could use some buffing.

    Better Clan Engagement And Moderation Tools

    CaptObvious brought up a valuable point: we need better ways to keep clan members engaged, a better way to manage our clans, and better incentives for grouping up.

    Although the clan is almost always full (he was referring to Inc2), several clan members hadn’t played the game in over a month, said CaptObvious. If people can’t commit to playing on a regular basis, we should boot them so that more active members can join. ofthedead agreed, saying the drop in active members had made it hard to find people in the clan to play with.

    It seems most people are playing solo, so it would be nice if the devs gave us an incentive for partying up with clan members and building a stronger relationship with the group, Tostito said.

    Clan members also need to be more willing to play with others. For instance, we can all see that people are doing rifts in the clan roster – but whenever a clan member asks for others to join his game and do rifts with him, his request usually goes ignored.

    “For being a clan, we don’t seem to be doing a lot of the things together that help define us as a clan,” CaptObvious pointed out. The others agreed.

    On that note, we need a better way to schedule upcoming events and notify members in advance so they can participate, Tostito said. Having clan notices pop up in the game is nice, and leaving a message in the clan forums is helpful, but we need a more reliable method of getting the word out about planned events, and a way to bring stragglers back to the group.

    Finally, we need a better way to keep tabs on the bad eggs in the clan, Tostito said. While the members I talked to had relatively few bad experiences with others in the group, they said it would help to have a way to track people’s history of infractions, especially those who have had several conflicts with others.

    Conclusion: What Do You Think?

    There were a few other really good topics that the members brought up, but I felt that these two were important enough to stand on their own.

    What do you all think of Patch 2.0.5? What changes do you still feel need to be made to the game? And how do you all feel about the above ideas for improving clans?

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