Clan Dispatch, Volume 2: Patch 2.0.5 and Clan Ideas

diablo 3 clan dispatch
Hey, everyone! I’m guessing most of you are absorbed with the latest patch to the game, or that you’ve at least tried it and discovered the changes. Maybe you’ve had legendaries rain down on you, thanks to the Community Buff that was recently made permanent? Perhaps even some upgrades?

Some of the changes in DiabloWikiPatch 2.0.5 – like the ability to gamble Torment-only items from Kadala and massive buffs to the Crusader class – have generated great discussions in clan chat. I’ll be sharing those talks, plus some ideas the old clan brought up that are still relevant, in this edition of the Clan Dispatch. (The first discussion is from IncW, which I joined last week, and the second is from Inc2.)

Patch 2.0.5, The Anniversary Livestream, And Hopes For The Future

Most of those I spoke to from IncW feel that Patch 2.0.5 is a step in the right direction. Dosudro and jEj both said they’re enjoying it, and Kanzaki’s enjoyed the Crusader changes so much that it’s the only class he plays now. “I’m not sure about the changes to the other classes, but I’m digging Crusader,” he adds. The Witch Doctor also feels even more awesome, said Aegisofer, even if there are still some bugs to sort out with the class.

The one character class they all agreed needs improvement is the Monk. Lazybum said the class needs more love, and Kanzaki said he won’t play it again till it’s about on par with the other classes. Everyone said they’re looking forward to future improvements to the class.

I was also curious to know whether they’d had luck gambling Torment-only items from Kadala. I gambled my Zunimassa’s off hand from her last night, so I wondered if anyone else had a similar turn of fortune. Are Torment items as rare from gambling as they are from enemy drops?

Apparently so. Clan member dustyskittle said he’d spent around 8,000 Blood Shards hoping for a Zuni’s Pox since the patch hit, with no luck. jEj had spent 10,000 on various items hoping to get pieces of the Embodiment of the Marauder and the Legacy of Raekor sets, also with no luck.

Finally, I asked the group if anyone had watched or heard the five hour livestream put together by the community team for the game’s two year anniversary. Only a few had, but those who stayed a while and listened were encouraged by what they heard.

Kanzaki said he’s still hoping that the devs will change legendary crafting mats and Rift Keystones so that they appear as currency in the game’s interface. Aegisofer chimed in to say that he liked the idea, since crafting mats eat up over half of one of his stash tabs.

He added that he’s glad the devs are working on improving the weaker set items, but that they shouldn’t stop with the handful that are slated for improvements. In addition to those, he said, the Guardian’s Jeopardy and Sage’s Journey sets could use some buffing.

Better Clan Engagement And Moderation Tools

CaptObvious brought up a valuable point: we need better ways to keep clan members engaged, a better way to manage our clans, and better incentives for grouping up.

Although the clan is almost always full (he was referring to Inc2), several clan members hadn’t played the game in over a month, said CaptObvious. If people can’t commit to playing on a regular basis, we should boot them so that more active members can join. ofthedead agreed, saying the drop in active members had made it hard to find people in the clan to play with.

It seems most people are playing solo, so it would be nice if the devs gave us an incentive for partying up with clan members and building a stronger relationship with the group, Tostito said.

Clan members also need to be more willing to play with others. For instance, we can all see that people are doing rifts in the clan roster – but whenever a clan member asks for others to join his game and do rifts with him, his request usually goes ignored.

“For being a clan, we don’t seem to be doing a lot of the things together that help define us as a clan,” CaptObvious pointed out. The others agreed.

On that note, we need a better way to schedule upcoming events and notify members in advance so they can participate, Tostito said. Having clan notices pop up in the game is nice, and leaving a message in the clan forums is helpful, but we need a more reliable method of getting the word out about planned events, and a way to bring stragglers back to the group.

Finally, we need a better way to keep tabs on the bad eggs in the clan, Tostito said. While the members I talked to had relatively few bad experiences with others in the group, they said it would help to have a way to track people’s history of infractions, especially those who have had several conflicts with others.

Conclusion: What Do You Think?

There were a few other really good topics that the members brought up, but I felt that these two were important enough to stand on their own.

What do you all think of Patch 2.0.5? What changes do you still feel need to be made to the game? And how do you all feel about the above ideas for improving clans?

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  1. On the Zunimassas Mojo I got lucky: Was the first thing I’ve gambled for after Torment items were available @ Kadala and just had to put in 15 Shards. (Plus it was a decent one.)

    On incentives for MP, I’m still hoping for a graphical based one. Just another buff ain’t an incentive for me to not just play solo at all. Interactions of one characters used skills with my characters skills would be, though.

  2. Nice write up…it’s good to get a feel for what the clan/community is chatting about. The game’s definitely in a good state now, though of course room for more improvement. Changing the crafting mats into currency will be an enormous help with managing storage space. Eliminating the need for white items (for crafting) was a big help too…though I can’t resist my packrat tendencies and need to do a major stash clean out again. The Crusader is in a better state too – some of the original passives were very poorly designed (like the one that buffed Nephalem Glory duration) but there’s a lot of good options now and greater flexibility with using either 1-h or 2-h weapons.

    I will admit that I enjoy solo play, but I’ve been trying to do more group play as well. I’ve been playing mainly as my DH the past few weeks but my computer has a hard time keeping up with action in a 4-player game, and the build for my DH doesn’t help this since she has all possible pets active at once (4 piece Marauders + Cloak of the Garwulf), so I might dedicate my Crusader or Wiz for doing multi play. In any case, I’m still very fond of the game…I won’t be going anywhere for a while. =^-^=

    As for gambling, I’ve been keeping track of my results and after looking over my numbers and a few other posters (in the “Share your gambling RNG thread”), it seems like there’s a 1-2% chance to get a legendary/set item from Kadala. I’d assume that all item types have the same chance of item quality, but you’d still have to get a lucky result from the weighted loot table to get the specific item of choice. As I posted in the forum thread, it is possible to hit some long strings of bad luck (I gambled 196 amulets – that’s almost 4000 shards – and didn’t get one legendary/set result). Again assuming equal chance for all item types, it’s not the amount of shards but rather the amount of gambles you attempt…the 15/20 shard items are going to be more painful since it’ll take longer to rack up enough chances to hit the jackpot.

    That’s all from me…happy hunting! =^-^=

    • You make a good point: Kadala’s so random! I got two pieces of the Zuni’s set in 2 days, and nothing for several days after that. Based on everything I’ve heard from others (along with what you’ve said), your 1-2% estimate sounds about right.

  3. My biggest gripe is that we have a community, that would allow people from all 5? 6? clans to talk together, probably over 500 people, altogether, and yet most nights there are between 0 and 5 people actually signed into that community. It’s like the different Inc clans have no connection to each other at all, which is sad.

    I am one who has not grouped with others much, but that is because my husband has been playing too, so we’ve been duoing everything since RoS came out. He tells me other interesting games are coming out soon (I am skeptical) and so I’ll be on my own a lot more, and will likely look to join up with others a ton more than in the past.

    I’ve been trying all week to gamble a 3rd piece of Marauder’s, with no luck, so I’d say they’re still pretty rare.

    I am loving the buffed drop rates. I play between 25-35 hours a week, so I’m somewhere between casual and hardcore, and still have only gotten 2 of my set pieces. I’d like to go play my other characters some, but I refuse until I get at least the 4 piece set bonus (so one more piece, and I already have a RoRG). So a few more drops a night is nice. Not too many changes to the DH this time around, but I’m happy with where she is anyway, for now.

    Finally, I agree with Tostito that it would be nice to have some sort of reporting feature for bad apples. I was actually glad when Inc1 and Inc2 went to West and East, because the person I couldn’t stand in the clan I was in did not end up in the clan I went to. I was actually considering leaving the clan just to not see that person start any more fights.

    I actually did listen to almost all of the dev livestream (after the fact, not live). All I have to say is Bring on the Barrel Level.

    • Yes! Barrel Level incoming! (The idea about legendary barrels sounded amusing, too! ;))

      I agree that we need to play together more with others in our clan. If you need someone to play with, you can always add me on the US server: Waterfiend#1909. Happy hunting!

  4. I sit in the EU community whenever I’m on. It’s actually a bit of a pain having to join community chats when you log on. The clan chat you don’t so it’s easy and as soon as you’re on you see the chatter. I probably join the community chat because of being an admin so it’s like second nature…check for messages, join comm, change msg of the day in clan roster. Bit of a routine.

    It would be good if you could preset what chat channels to join automatically when you log on. A set up like mIRC would be good.

    • I like your idea. Being able to preset a community to log into automatically would make them much more useful. If we could do that, we could have one big room to fit all of our members.

  5. Perm buff is great. I am thinking about getting my WD to 70 now that there are more drops. Seems like that class can kick ass in T5 and 6 based on the WD I see playing on INCW.

    I have not seen the live feed.

  6. Actually I went and listened to the stream right after you mentioned it on clan chat, (Available now on Diablo’s youtube channel) and I enjoyed it a lot.

    I also like how some of the dev were really really excited when they found a good leg themselves..

  7. I wouldn’t mind having a little watch of the twitch live stream every now and then. I do get an email saying 1 has gone live. I check my email enough to know it’s on well and truly after it has finished.
    Maybe it could be put on Clan: Message of the Day when there is 1 coming up.

  8. Smackery from IncW here.

    Honestly, this new clan thing has been as important in keeping me playing as any actual content. I absolutely love seeing green items in chat. I still click on anything that’s not a guaranteed immediate soul. I feel bad for every Litany, and am happy when I see all these sets dropping. I can’t play nearly as much as some, as I work a ton and am generally socializing if I’m not working. So seeing others gearing up is (nearly) as satisfying as actual upgrades for my own characters.

    I definitely would enjoy seeing more groups. Perhaps the content has moved past my guys – I split my small blocks of play between 4 characters, and none are fun to play with in T3+. Especially with the loot pinata that is apparently happening, plenty of IncW guys are steamrolling that level and on up. So, yeah, if anyone wants to do T1 or T2 stuff, I think myself and plenty of other members are still entertained by that difficulty level.

    Now, the all-familiar rant. I keep seeing so many set items in chat. Come on, Diablo, you can give me one, too! No more orange staves! No more Ivory Towers! Ho-hum.

    • I agree that seeing green items pop up for other clan members gives me hope. Like you, I’m still waiting on a Zuni’s chest piece from Kadala. Or the RNG Gods. T_T

  9. I’m in IncEast, and find that grouping is pretty quick and easy. Hell, it’s almost too easy as I’ve had times when I’m trying to solo to farm a crafting mat and a couple folks just pop in. There’s almost always a t1 to t3 rift going on, but there’s also a pool of around 10-15 or so players that group (at least with me anyway) and the rest solo.

    The worst thing the devs have done to discourage grouping, IMO, is the amount of visual screen clutter from spell effects of other players. Wizards are just plain absurd with some of their spell graphics – both the size of them on my screen and that they look just like monster affixes. Meteor Shower, I’m looking at you, since you fill my view AND look just like mortars coming at me. Blizz clearly didn’t learn from WoW’s raid visual clutter, and I hope they put in an option to vastly lower the graphics of other players’ spell effects in soon. I cant’ imagine hitting t4-t6 until I can actually see what the hell is going on when I’m playing with other people and we pull a pack or two. Right now it’s a crapshoot if I’m standing in monster fire or someone’s Fire Walker trail.

  10. The clan system needs a serious overhaul. It’s a very poor attempt at clan support.

    • What would you do differently? Just out of curiosity.

      • From a member point of view I would like to see when members were last online. See how many of each class is in the clan.

        I would like a clan bank to deposit money or items that other clan members can take and a record of who donated and who took items. I know this doesn’t work with the current set up of BoA. Maybe if the items are found in a game that another clan member is in then the item can be put into the clan bank.

  11. Ahh you guys are in IncW now, sucks I’m in IncE.

  12. Nice writeup.

    What I’d like is to be able to join a different clan for your hardcore characters. I’m in IncE but have been playing my hc WD a lot lately – hard to get a group going with your clanmates being limited to just one clan.

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