The latest Beta key giveaway on the main IncGamers site is for the upcoming competitive online PvP title Bloodline Champions. So what has this got to do with Diablo? Well as we all know now, Blizzard revealed the PvP arenas at BlizzCon a couple of weeks ago and Bloodline Champions shares some similarities in the style of gameplay which is focused on PvP with no auto aiming and standard skills per class.

    The beta features numerous arenas and different game modes such as CTF, straight PvP and Conquest and we think you should check this one out and maybe even brush up on some PvP skills. There are stacks of keys to giveaway instantly, the download is small, and you can get up and running right away. As a special bonus if you get into the game, you also get a special character title of “Hero of IncGamers” so we hope to see you in-game.

    A preview of the Beta is also online on the main IncGamers site today if you want to find out more.

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