IncGamers Beta Key Giveaways

A community note here as there are few Beta key giveaways up and running on the main site that Diablo players may be interested in checking out.

First up we have special Mythos sneak peak closed Beta keys to giveaway. If you remember, Mythos was the action RPG that was being created at Flagship Studios before the studio folded. The game is very different now since the Schaefers stopped work on it, but it may be of interest to a few of you.

Finally we have a few beta keys left for TRION’s MMO RIFT which is pretty damn awesome I have to say (find out more at RIFT: IncGamers), For the casual gamers among you, we also have Beta keys for Cocolani Island, the online browser MMO from Samba games.

Do keep checking he new section for Beta news and giveaways.

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