In the D3 Beta Without Knowing It?

Shacknews suggests, as we have in the past, that we check our accounts, rather than relying entirely on an email notification (which might not come, or might get spam filtered) to know if we’ve been accented into the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Beta.

To check if you’re one of the lucky ones, sign into the account management. In your Game Accounts list, if you have the Diablo III beta listed as shown in the picture below, congratulations–you’re in!

If it only lists “Diablo III (Coming Soon),” I’m sorry to say you’re not in yet. Do make sure you’ve selected in your beta profile settings that you want to take part, and update your system specifications with the tool.

With this handy advice we can double our disappointment every week when a few new invites trickle out. Not only will we be bummed when no email arrives, but then the sorrow of seeing no beta access on our account will provide us with a second kick in the teeth. Thanks, for the pro tip, guys!

Update: Numerous commenters claim that they read this, checked their accounts, and were shocked to see Beta access enabled. Yes, I’m pretty sure they’re just saying so to taunt the rest of us.

Also, make sure you’re logging onto US when you check this. Apparently there are issues with the beta access being shown on other international versions.

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41 thoughts on “In the D3 Beta Without Knowing It?

  1. aaaaaaaaaaagh thank you so much. I just went on to account management and…. :O I have a beta account!!! Much thanks from Australia!

  2. Yay…me too! I’m also from Australia and did not receive an email either, but was pleasantly surprised when I checked my Account Management page!

  3. Nah, nothing. Null, nill, nada, nic, niks, asgjë, ?? ???, ?????, heç bir ?ey, ezer, ??????, ?????, ????, res, ??, ništa, intet, niets, mitte midagi, wala, ei mitään, rien, nada, ???????, nichts, ??????, ???, pa gen anyen, ??? ????, semmi, ekkert, tidak ada, rud ar bith, niente, ????, ??? ????, ????, nihil, nekas, niekas, ?????, tiada, xejn, ingenting, nimic, ??????, ?????, ni?, kitu, ???????, ???, ?????????, hiçbir ?ey, ??????, không, dim

    Nothing at all 🙁 Week after week.

  4. On a whim I visited this site, saw this, and on another whim logged on to my account. Sure enough, I am in!

  5. Yeh found my email, was sent yesterday and sitting in my junk filter. Whacky timing that this post goes up a day after I get a invite. Been playing now but experiencing terrible lag (in Australia) and just got disconnected. Realised it was trying to patch. Now waiting for it to patch so I can get back to playing and hopefully with no lag!

  6. Oh yeah! Yes yes yes yes yes! Thanks Flux, I occasionally checked my account but there was no beta and this time I thought, what the heck, it’s just 1 minute of my life. OH YEAH! There she is! No email, no nothing, just this beautiful red letter 🙂 Finally!

  7. I don’t even have “diablo 3- coming soon”.. fml. I check my accounts every few days. Forever denied

    • Make sure you’re at, by default I’m at which doesn’t have the coming soon. So I go to to inflict suffering upon myself each week.

  8. I checked my account after this post (dont even know why, I gave up on getting in a looong time ago after checking daily for a while). Lo and behold I’m in! I got the email like 5 minutes afterwards though. From California. Now I can stop playing D2 for my fix haha

  9. whats even worse.  is all the people who didn’t know they are in and now are… everytime i see that it forces me to check my email, and spam, and check my bnet account.  ugh. failure.

  10. Man!  I check both email and like 4 times a day.  All you who got Beta invites and didn’t even know it; I am CRAZY jealous!  I think Blizzard should take being overly obsessed into account when handing out their Beta Invites.

  11. OMG!!! I think I’m going to cry: checked this website, read the top news, checked my account, and BOOM! Diablo 3 Public Test Realm!

    In my celebration, however, I forgot about the turned-on stove and I overcooked my perogies. Now, I have a stomach ache; but, to be perfectly honest, I’m not sure if it is due to hunger pains or excitement.

    Dear Diablo 3, it has been 14 months since we last connected, o’ how I’ve missed you!

    Seems like a lot of community members got lucky with the D3B today: seven including me already, big numbers.

  12. So typical, all these people in the beta………………………………………………………………………………………………

    My D3 account management page only wants me to pay for a year of WoW..

  13. Got mine yesterday after checking my account, only just received the email this morning some time after I got off work. So def. check your accounts.

  14. I got a invite with out getting a email. I found out by accident. I was on facebook around 11:30 p.m. Arizona time and saw on my news wall that Diablo 3 posted the new artisans page. So I checked it out and was reading about the blacksmith. As I scrolled down to look at some of the comments I saw a white box and the D3 Beta avatar logo by it and the name said D3BETA. I had never seen that before? I thought someone just posted a blank post? Then I clicked on it and it was letting me type on it. I knew you could not comment on the site unless you play WoW or SC2. Or were in the D3 Beta. I don’t play Wow or SC2, I just have  D2 and the expansion games on my games list.  So I could never post or comment on the forms. I freaked out! I went straight to my account page and there was D3 beta invite! I can not believe it still. I was so excited I was shaking. I could not yell for excitement cuz my wife was sleeping. Im so pumped! Im so sick of watching live streams and youtube videos of other people playing the beta. Some people were noob players and it was driving me crazy watching them! Now I get to play it finely! Keep checking you Bnet accounts people. I never thought I would get in and I did. Best of luck and im not visiting this site for a while I think……Im going to be a little busy  😀

  15. while i’m checking it twice a day (aka being disappointed twice a day), there are people with enabled beta and never playing it… omg, what an unfair world!

  16. “With this handy advice we can double our disappointment every week when a few new invites trickle out. Not only will we be bummed when no email arrives, but then the sorrow of seeing no beta access on our account will provide us with a second kick in the teeth. Thanks, for the pro tip, guys!”

    You can also click the minus sign next to the Diablo 3 tab and minimize it, adding one more step of anticipation (and subsequently disappointment) to the process!

  17. It is very true that you should check your account even if you have no e-mail.  I got into the beta late November by checking my account, I have yet to ever receive any e-mail from Blizzard saying I got in.

  18. Reasons why I will never be in the D3 beta:
    1. My video drivers are up to date.
    2. My Windows 7 is up to date.
    3. I would not post auction house bugs in the normal forum.

  19. This is a good note – I got my access yesterday and checked my account manually. The email telling me I had access? Arrived today xD

  20. Great news everybody, I got my Beta today!

    Don’t worry, you don’t have to hate me as I’m an actual fan of Diablo and Diablo II.

    Received the email at 2:27pm today

    You’re Invited: Diablo III Beta Test

    Congratulations! You’ve been selected to participate in the Diablo III beta test.

  21. I have been checking my account for weeks and was giving up hope.. I saw this news post, checked my account and guess what… STILL NOTHING OMG!

    I hit rock bottom and decided to get some medication. It’s called Skyrim. Thanks to Blizzard I am now picking flowers and catching butteflies weeee!

  22. thanks for posting this, I checked my account (after giving up from checking it all the time) and Low and behold, I haz beta.

    I burst out screaming like a girl at a justin beiber concert at work and everyone just stared at me like I was crazy. But I don’t care, I have the beta. downloading now, will stay up all night playing.

  23. Gaah! Cant they just make a deal where if you preorder you get beta access? I would preorder in a heartbeat! The jealousy is making my veins pop!

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