Shacknews suggests, as we have in the past, that we check our Battle.net accounts, rather than relying entirely on an email notification (which might not come, or might get spam filtered) to know if we’ve been accented into the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Beta.

    To check if you’re one of the lucky ones, sign into the Battle.net account management. In your Game Accounts list, if you have the Diablo III beta listed as shown in the picture below, congratulations–you’re in!

    If it only lists “Diablo III (Coming Soon),” I’m sorry to say you’re not in yet. Do make sure you’ve selected in your beta profile settings that you want to take part, and update your system specifications with the tool.

    With this handy advice we can double our disappointment every week when a few new invites trickle out. Not only will we be bummed when no email arrives, but then the sorrow of seeing no beta access on our B.net account will provide us with a second kick in the teeth. Thanks, for the pro tip, guys!

    Update: Numerous commenters claim that they read this, checked their B.net accounts, and were shocked to see Beta access enabled. Yes, I’m pretty sure they’re just saying so to taunt the rest of us.

    Also, make sure you’re logging onto US Battle.net when you check this. Apparently there are issues with the beta access being shown on other international versions.

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