What better day than Memorial Day to cast a light upon our Hardcore Graveyard and the sad (yet glorious) tales of woe locked within its filigreed gates? The Graveyard is a subforum from our main Diablo III Hardcore forum, and most of the action goes on in the Our Fallen Friends thread.

    There posts follow a handy format, and here’s a quote from Amarules’ entry, plus his Halls of the Dead postcard:

    Character name: Devailai
    Character level: 39
    Character class: Barbarian
    Character build: Frenzy/Seismic Slam/Ground Stomp/Leap/Revenge/WotB
    Game difficulty: Normal
    Act: Act 2 Nightmare, The area after Alcarnus
    Death type: PvM

    Cause of demise: My first D3 hardcore death, and sadly probably an avoidable one. Things were going fairly smoothly co-op with a Wizard. My barbarian was rockin close to 7k hp and we were dealing with most stuff pretty easily. Then just after crossing the bridge from Alcarnus she leapt into a pack of cultists to stomp their summon. A pack of extra fast, arcane enchanted Berserkers flew in from off screen and trapped me. Seismic slam stun didnt proc and the beserkers stunned me while the arcane enchanted beams and mass of cultists wiped my health in little over a second.

    Some (all too few) fans get a screenshot of their moment of death, and I love to look at those for added visual insight. To date there’s only one video, thanks to Archaicx, who was live streaming a marathon MP play session when his level 43 Monk found a pack of Fallen Maniacs who were DiabloWikiPlagued. Boom Boom Boom in a blink, and that’s it for his hopes and dreams.

    There’s even a webcam inset so you can see the horror and resignation on his face. I must say, he took it a lot better than most of us would have.

    Watch live video from Arch, SC2 Master Protoss on TwitchTV

    If you’re playing Hardcore, take a moment to screenshot your gruesome end, or at least share the story in the Hardcore Graveyard. I speak from long D2 HC experience when I say that it can be therapeutic and even cathartic, to share the sad tale with others who know what it’s like to lose someone you cared about in the ever-simmering demonic war.

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