After a prolonged absence, Bashiok grew discontent merely projecting Diablo-ific thoughts into the dreams of men, and emerged from his WoW:Cat cage long enough to cough up a couple of quick forum posts and tweets on Thursday.

    First, via tweet:

    Please don’t bombard us with masses of disks in order to install Diablo 3..—CatliusMaximus

    It will only be available in palettes of 3,400 3.5” floppies.—Diablo

    Can someone please multiply the storage size of a floppy (1.4m double-density FTW!) x 3400 and start making reckless predictions about the install size of D3?

    Bashiok also made a couple of forum posts, the first about his recent absence from the Diablo scene. He’s been WoWing, and is unrepentant.

    Where is bashiok?
    he’s on vacation?

    Bashiok: Hi.

    [WoW expansion is] Pretty amazing. Been leveling a new character when I can. Worgen Druid. RAWR

    Elsewhere, just to have one thing at least vaguely about Diablo III in this post, a fan in the B.net forums took a look at the Blizzcon gameplay movie and noticed that the Demon Hunter’s DiabloWikiGrenades skill was hard to aim precisely.

    Apparently, we can control the remote to throw grenades. but a major problem seen in this video, was the distance to throw grenades when I saw that, he can not control it right. If you look right, he tries to hit the grenade at a certain point, but he misses several times. He has a certain difficulty of hitting targets middle-distance and long distance. especially when the target is near you.

    Bashiok: I think it’s fine. It’s fun and you can pull off some pretty fun trick-moves. Not super practical all the time but I think it will definitely have its strategy. Plus, you can throw a rune on it and change the behavior if you’re having trouble gauging the throw distance.

    Grenades were indeed difficult to aim, especially at monsters nearby, since they bounced very quickly once tossed. As covered in various Demon Hunter reports (such as my quick one from Blizzcon), the grenades are thrown to the spot you click at, and bounce from there. This isn’t shown very clearly in the Grenades sample movie on the Blizzard page, (where the player does a brilliant job aiming them) but it’s pretty clear when you see the skill used in the full length Blizzcon gameplay movie.

    That said… if you haven’t yet gotten the message that Runestones make everything awesome, you haven’t been paying attention. There weren’t any runestones allowed in DH (or Monk) skills at Blizzcon, but we’ve been having fun speculating about them in the forums. Grenades that stick (either to monsters or to the spot targeted), multishot grenades, and +damage (elemental?) grenades are some obvious options. It’s not clear what Bashiok’s hinting at with “change the behavior,” but any of the above suggestions seem like reasonable options. Others can certainly be offered; how about a mega-size grenade, like the D2 Druid’s Molten Boulder skill?

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