Bashiok: Update on Runestones/Patch Coming “Soon”

SoonThe progress report on runestones has yet to be released to the public. In the latest tweets and blue responses over the past weeks, we have seen a wide swath of verbiage taken from the Blizzard’s Lexicon of Patience to waylay our requests for this update. Many see this patch as the final hurdle for solidifying the release date, and it contains the last major iterations that have been stated to the community.

The eventuality of another community member asking for the fabled Runestone tell-all was inevitable, and DiabloWikiBashiok was prepared with his usual stance. In his response today, he also let us know that the patch release will be very close to the report that is made.

As a clarification: runes themselves will not be testable in the beta, though their function is “intrinsically linked” to the skill system. So the patch, while containing information about the runestones, will have a direct impact on the beta through skills.

We’ll be posting information on the next patch pretty much as close to the patch release as we can manage.

He also goes on to defend “soon.”

Do you think they were almost done, but decided to all go get sno-cones and play a few rounds of backgammon first? But now, called out for their slackerly ways, will finish it post-haste?

It doesn’t matter, man. It’s not worth spending time trying to justify our processes, just stuff happens when it happens, we can maybe drop some hints, sometimes, other times we may not, but ultimately it’s done when it’s done and that drives some people INSANE. Can’t be helped.

Somehow saying “soon” makes people less insane, or even giggle. It’s like magic.

I’m not entirely sure about you guys, but I equate interpreting Blue posts to interpreting law… except with less substance and no return. Do you get a giggle and feel less insane when you hear soon? I feel that the “magic” left it four years ago.


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  1. Said it in the thread, but when they say “soon”, and we laugh, it isn’t us laughing with them.

    In case that isn’t obvious, we’re laughing because the real joke is Blizzard’s development pace.

  2. Well bash got one thing right 😉  “It’s not worth spending time trying to justify our processes”.

    Well not according to them. However i have never witnessed a dev team communicating more with their fellow gamers than blizz D3 team.

    Maybe i just dont play enough games. That might be a possibility ofc

  3. The news on the stones should come soon, I hope. with regards to the 2nd quarter release, they have to announce it before April right? Or would they keep showering us with news up to its release date?

  4. I really do enjoy Blizzards production process and their news releases.  They are ultimately predictable in their delays!  Having been a Blizzard fan for 17 years, I no longer am surprised when a game is delayed.  I have also yet to be disappointed by a release (a few expansions were meh, but initial release have all been good).  So after all this time with respect to “soon” I do chuckle and I do expect that the D3 I get will be very enjoyable. (whenever it finally comes)
    Experience has shown that my faith in Blizzard to give me good entertainment value is well deserved!
    I believe that this constant and prolonged foreplay of information only makes the final experience better.

    • I’m a fan since the original WarCraft (and well, Lost Vikings too) and my way of thinking is the opposite. I would love if they released the games as they did in the old days, ie. without much spoilers and “foreplay”. For me, that’s much for exciting.

      I could skip reading this particular site, but other sites also show info about the game (like the Shack) and I couldn’t possible not see the articles there.

    • @Eeryck – I agree with you on every point that you make except the “foreplay of information”.  There really isn’t any info being disseminated.  OK OK, i know you are going to say “but wait!  there is an open beta and people are free to post anything they want about it!  we even get patch notes”  Well to beat my usual dead horse, we were getting a screenshot of the week of different areas (non beta) by this time in D2’s dev cycle.  On top of that, D2 devs were much more communicative with the webmasters here.  This current twitter and bnet communication charade is a joke in comparison.  I’m not asking for spoilers… just something to talk about besides the run up to the Skeleton King.  Worst foreplay ever.

  5. I think what bugs blizzard fans the most, is that they have no concept of the word “soon”. Their version or interpretation of what that means is polar opposite to any official dictionary you will find ANYWHERE. So it really has lost all purpose in them saying that anymore.

    Whenever they say “Soon” my mind is already set to waiting a few months to a year by their standards. It’s a cruel tease.

  6. I’m quite confused by the headline… correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought runestones weren’t going to be in the beta?
    Or is the patch supposed to be “news patch” or something like that? Hm.

  7. Soon is still funny though 😀
    Stop overanalyzing every single word 😛

  8. Speaking of over analyzing. 

    I think Blizzard’s “soon” measurement of time could probably be measured and broken down into days. Compare the previous “soon’s” about any particular subject and then determine the number of days passed between the pronouncement and release. Example: The public beta will be released “soon.” The public beta was announced on “X date” by Blizzard. Time between “soon” and release is X number of days.

    Some people have too much time on their hands 🙂

  9. I think I can sum up the response of the community by saying F-off Blizz.

  10. tried to find out a number of days in a dictionary for “soon”…

    within a short period after this or that time, event, etc.: Weshall know soon after he calls.

    before long; in the near future; at an early date: Let’s leavesoon.

    promptly or quickly: He came as soon as he could.

    readily or willingly: I would as soon walk as ride.

    early in a period of time; before the time specified is muchadvanced: soon at night; soon in the evening. 

    still nothing that defines how long… 

  11. soooOOOOooOoOooooon!

  12. I dunno if anyone out there is into corpus linguistics, but if there were a database of ‘blue posts’ then we could probably see some interesting things. 

    Firstly, it would be interesting to see when the word ‘soon’ was first used in relation to the release date.  Secondly, you could use the body of blue posts(the corpus), to measure the relative frequency of the use of the word ‘soon’, in relation to the release date, over time. 

    Mods, is there a centralized collection of blue posts that could be fed into linguistic analysis program?  It might be good material for a bachelor’s thesis over language use and advertisement.  Seriously.

  13. Thanks again, Captain Obvious AKA Bashiok.

    The last time they gave us the “system changes”, the timing coincided with the patch that included the changes.  This makes sense because when changes are made that are of the scale that those changes were, patch notes aren’t reasonably sufficient.  They had to do more than just list the changes in the patch notes – they needed to explain why they made the changes since not doing so would have been flamed by the community on the boards and they’d end up having to answer them there anyway.  OBVIOUSLY, they do the same with the rune/skill changes because they more or less have no choice.  Anybody hoping to get these details well in advance of the patch that included them was kidding themselves.  I think they have to hold off on announcing these changes until they are pretty much ready to give us the release date.  After all, what’s left to impede release once this part of the game is decided upon particularly since the beta won’t even test the runes in the first place?? 

  14. To quote my post in that thread (which was shortly after deleted by a moderator):

    “Actually… After following the development of various Blizzard games for the past 16 years and hearing several Blizzard personnel saying “soon” over and over without ever meaning what it actually means or giving more specifics, it makes me want to punch you in the kidneys ’til you piss blood.”

  15. I think its ironic that “soon” pronounced backwards sounds like Noose. Coincidence? I think not.
    it describes perfectly how I feel when they say that. It’s torture. It’s the same as saying “Hang in there” yup..we are definitely Hanging there…on a noose/”Soon”.

  16. When all we hear is soon i think that becomes all we can talk about, if they gave us some idea of the changes that they are making then we can at least speculate. All we can talk about is how long blizzard has been telling us how close we are with all evidence to the contrary Before we could discuss the skills and rune effects and all that stuff then when they say that they are making changes whats the point of talking about it until we know what the changes are. On top of that we get this snarky bashiok explaining to us how horrible and impatient we are and mocking us to our face about how good he is at settling us down.  Maybe we are being greedy and want more information than is available at this time but I’m tired of \them\ mocking \us\ because they told us they changed stuff and won’t/can’t tell us what it is. What else can we do? go outside? meh.

  17. Blizzard post a lot but most of them have no substance at all. I rather see them reduce the amount of PR post and only post when they truely have news.

  18. The “soon” jokes make me mad now.

  19. It’s quite the opposite. Soon has no magic anymore and only drives us even more insane.

    I will now only refer to Blizzard as “Soon Entertainment”.

  20. soon < about 2 weeks or so… how fucking hard is that?

  21. I look forward to playing with the new systems “soon” 😈

  22. The only thing Blizzard did wrong is announce this game a few years too early.  If they had waited, you guys wouldn’t have any issue with their “development pace”.  More proof that the customer is -not- always right.

  23. Did we actually need more proof of that?
    Totally agree though, should have waited 2 years with the announcement.

  24. Someone remind blizz d3 was announced 4 YEARS AGO

  25. I hope this is the last update.

  26. If you feel like the magic has left the Soon 4 years ago, why are you still following this game’s development process? Serious question. Anyway, I do not care about Soon(tm) personally. Their soon means somewhere within the next two months. Which, for me, instantly turns into \just practice fighting games in the meantime, and stop when you see a Diablo III release date or major info : )\

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