Improving the Diablo 3 Stone of Jordan

Patch 2.4 version SoJ.

Patch 2.4 version SoJ.

A thread of fairly salty complaints about the (now) useless Stone of Jordan ring included some suggestions for improving the ring, and elicited a sympathetic Blue reply about improving the Diablo 3 Stone of Jordan:

Nevalistis: I’ve seen quite a bit of feedback from folks wanting to see Stone of Jordan get some revivification. Let’s explore this concept.

  • If we revised Stone of Jordan, what would you want it to do?
  • Why do you want Stone of Jordan to be more important? Is it the nostalgia factor, or do you want more competitive/varied ring options? Is there another reason?
  • Would you rather see Stone of Jordan have a new Kanai/Crafting use, be spent as currency, or feel more competitive as an item?
  • How can we revise Stone of Jordan in a way that’s great for everyone and not just a single class?
  • These are just some conversation starter questions. I’d love to hear more about your thoughts on Stone of Jordan, or what item powers you’d like to see in general.

    My first thought, reading the OP, was “who cares about SoJ?” but I see that Nevalistis covered that in option #2. The DiabloWikiSoJ only achieved fame in the Diablo series not since it was the super best item ever, but since it was arbitrarily and somewhat mysteriously chosen by players to become the defacto currency back in Diablo 2. People hoarded these so they could buy other things with them, a practice that eventually ran aground as game changes resulted in other things (like Runes) becoming the new currency.

    So basically, the SoJ is more analogous to the Auction House than to anything actually used/equipped in the game. Must we still honor it?

    If so, and the solution isn’t a complete reinvention, maybe they could just buff it. Add a a socket as a guaranteed 5th affix?

    As it is the item has some interesting properties, but nothing like a build-defining orange power. Also, and this is mostly perception, but the SoJ suffers from a lack of green numbers, since the +%elemental damage and +Elite Damage don’t factor into the green/red comparison. Nor does the + to maximum resource, and it’s easy to overlook down there as a secondary power. (And no, my suggestion of a socket wouldn’t help boost the green number comparison either.)

    Even an Ancient SoJ with CC *looks* weak sauce.

    Even an Ancient SoJ with CC *looks* weak sauce.

    You guys got any useful thoughts on restoring the SoJ to competitive status, and does anyone have special nostalgic nostalgia?

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    1. 1) soj grants you +1.5% per paragon level to one main stat
      2) soj grants you one extra passive skill slot
      3) soj grants you one extra active skill slot
      4) soj grants you the ability to do 2 attacks whenever you attack (no proc co-efficent bs)

    2. SoJ increases elemental and elite damage by 15%

      • This. Or even make the legendary effect similar to CoE at 30% flat between white/elite for 4w/4e/4w/4e – adds another element of rotation and somewhat relieves the current elite/white hunting only builds. Could get interesting with someone wearing CoE/SoJ with the other cubed for mass effect. That or bump up the 15-20 Ele to a 25-30 and a legendary effect so it becomes somewhat more vital to most builds again.

    3. There's fair questions here.  And sure everyone wants the iconic SoJ to be prominent.BUT for those not paying attention :P, SoJ has helped groups push past 105 and is used for DPS in ALL the top 4man group leaderboard setups so it's most definitely NOT useless in it's current form.

      • It’s still a top 3 damage multiplier in the game – probably behind CoE solely, just working it into most builds doesn’t work, works for the current wiz build which is keeping it somewhat relevant but something as iconic as the SoJ should probably stay top tier. Even if it’s the first ring to be able to roll %ele/chc/chd/etc. and a flat 20 legendary on elites would revitalize the ring for use. That or just make it completely baller and Furnace tier rare.

    4. Make it randomly hit enemies with a basketball?

    5. My power would be:This ring draws power from the element it comes with , given a chance to duplicate attacks and strenghten them.- this ring has 5% chance to duplicate spells whos are empowered by this ring (like %ele fire dmg  give fire spells a chance to be duplicated) and strenghten them by 50% dmg. This proc can chain proc off itself i creasing the dmg even further. % chance is increased by 50% of your cdr.

    6. For me the ring is nostalgic, not just from D2, but even D3 vanilla, loved that ring. I feel it should stay as a unique ring with the properties it has, elemental and elite damage. The change I would like to see is a subtle buff… keep the 4 primary stats, but move the elite damage to the secondary that it always rolls with, but not as a legendary power (similar to Leorics Signet), and buff the elemental damage to 25 or 30%. This way you can have the desired stats on your ring, CHC, CHD, main state/AD, or CDR etc, but still have what is unique about the ring and why it’s used.

    7. Make it always roll w/Socket (since jewelry useless without this affix anyway). That will serve as a nice ‘buff’. As an above poster suggests, the ring isn’t at all useless and some folks are deploying it for leaderboards.

    8. Stone of Jordan should grant another passive slot.

      • Why a passive slot. I dont really need another and its dull. Maybe an active with a 30% chance to be activated on cast. So you dont need to slot ,lets say , ahkanns or iron skin with an thorns build . Its really power this way but there also  alot of combinations in the pool so hard to get item

    9. Absolutely a default socket. Actually, all jewelry should come with a socket at this point by default, at least starting at lvl 70. The D2 SoJ was a great item to wear… Unlike in D3 you could wear 2 of them and get +2 to all skills. That was real important for a lot of builds, I used to do it all the time! Argh, gawd now I'm getting the itch to play D2 again…

    10. We all miss D2 @ADest 🙂

    11. Pfft, easy.

      Put it in the Kanai’s Cube as a secret recipe. After X amount of SoJs have been cubed, have a UBERUBER Prime Evil show up somewhere that drops…. I don’t know, maybe a Hellfire Gem?

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