A fan brought up an issue I’ve been talking about with friends of late; the best Diablo 3 Farming spots in Act One (and Two) in v1.08.

    Fields of Misery Caves

    Make sure you guys are clearing out them caves, Scavengers Den, The Lost Mines etc. It is packed with mobs.
    Grimiku: I was in the habit of skipping these as well, but a couple of group members suggested we clear them out the other day. I was pleasantly surprised with the results, and now I try not to miss them. I like the variety, and exploration aspect they add. I’ve got to agree with some of the other posters in this thread, though, the Decaying Crypt in the Fields of Misery is particularly awesome.

    Anyone have a fun farming route that incorporates side dungeons? What about a favorite side dungeon you’re always on the lookout for?

    I’m becoming more and more of a sucker for the Act 4 Hell Rifts. Talk about packed with mobs!
    Grimiku: I keep hearing that these are a lot of fun, but I haven’t been to them since patch 1.0.8. Maybe I’ll try to do an Act IV run tonight, and see for myself.

    Yeah give us back the watch tower please. Always full of packs (3-7). Very sad it got nerfed to the groud because we were having so much fun in there.
    Grimiku: We’ll pass along the feedback, thanks!

    I’ll expand on the OP… almost *all* the caves in Act One/Two are worth doing now. The other surface areas in Act One that have like, Goat caves and such. Go in. They are wall-to-wall with dudes. This was especially true of Act Two caves/dungeons when v1.08 was early on the DiabloWikiPTR, and I exulted over the Act Two potential since the surface deserts were pretty good, but the dungeons below them, and elsewhere in the act, were off the proverbial hook.

    Something for you, I am making.

    Something for you, I am making.

    Sadly, I’ve come to realize over the past week+ of v1.08 being live… that those Act Two dungeons were all nerfed in monster density. They’re still pretty good, but the density is far less than it was early in the PTR. As a result I think Act One is better than Act Two (at this point) in terms of having more fun areas with high monster density that can be profitably farmed.

    Another related issue… the (arguably) best area in Act One and in Act Two, is the area with the Keywarden in it. (Imagine if DiabloWikiXah’Rith the Keywarden was in say, the Fields of Slaughter, or the Keep Level 2?) These v1.08 Act One and Act Two keywarden area buffs are awesome if you went to DiabloWikiStonefort enough to store up a bunch of DiabloWikiKeys of Terror back in the “farm Act Three endlessly” days of v1.07, since now you can accumulate DiabloWikiKeys of Hate and DiabloWikiKeys of Destruction almost by accident. Even if you’re doing it on a low DiabloWikiMP level. And that’s cool since after all… can you ever really have too many DiabloWikiHellfire Rings? (Not in Hardcore, you can’t.)

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