Imperius Defeats Diablo Figure


Checking in on Joshua Smith’s latest blog update uncovered a new creation, his “Imperius Defeats Diablo” figurine which is made from black onyx resin. Diablo looks like he could do with a bit of help here, I’d say he was pretty well crushed.

Johsua has been getting really involved with creating Diablo-themed models and he also created the fantastic full Diablo suit which which he plans on competing in the costume contest at this year’s Blizzcon sold on ebay.

Drop over to the blog and leave Joshua your comments.

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    Looks sweet.

  2. Such badass angel we have here, gotta love to see him kick some ass in game
    captcha “high five”

  3. I have a hunch that Imperius may get corrupted or something…had the feeling of a fight with Tyrael and we all know that he is the good guy…so…..

  4. @elganame, that’s how tyreal gets metereorited onto sanctuary in the first place:p just a feeling i have

  5. Very cool. I should learn to do that.

  6. Yes i am making something for blizzcon but i wont be reviling it tell then. it is going to be Epic.:)

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