Imperials are stacking up already.

    I, for one, welcome our new Imperial Overloads.

    Fans long complained that it was too expensive to enchant Legendary Jewelry with Flawless Imperial gems, especially since more than a random distribution of those items seemed to require Topaz. Now that the cost has been cut to 33% of that, with Flawless Imperial changed to Imperial, fans still have complaints: Imperial Gems for Legendary Jewelry Enchanting: Too Cheap?

    The game is easy enough with the crazy legandery items frequency drop, please change it back.. imperial gems to change jewelry is too ridiculous.
    Vaneras: The change was done as a precursor to future changes that are still in the works. We’re planning to introduce more uses for any gem you have excess of, as well as a way to increase your ability to get specific gems that you are lacking. Since those future changes are further down the road however, we temporarily changed the cost to enchant jewelry in order to make it a little less punishing to add a socket to your rings or amulets.

    Travis Day recently promised coming changes to make it easier to find or create the type of gems that you want, though we don’t have details yet: see that post here. And as the Blue says in this post today, it’s a “temporary” change. The reagent might go back up to a Flawless Imperial at some point, once they’ve implemented a way to transform other types of gems into the type your ring/amulet requires?

    This sort of issue is funny, since people have that attitude. “If it requires more than I have it’s too expensive and it if requires less than I have it’s too cheap.”

    Personally, I think it’s just right, leaning toward too cheap. The screen above is my current stash, where Imperial Gems are starting to rather stack up, as I pick up all the gems I find and upgrade the Marquise to Imperial for storage. This is on my HSea account, and I’ve had a Monk and a DH die this season, both taking multiple gems with them, which is why I’m so much lower on Emeralds than the others. What I’ve got now feels like a surplus (just give me more emeralds!), but if the price changed back to Flawless Imperial tomorrow, I’d change my tune when 42 Imperial Topaz turned into 14 Flawless Imperial, since it’s quite easy to spend that many (or more) trying to add a socket to just a single ring/amulet.

    What do you guys think of the current jewelry enchanting cost? Too cheap, too expensive, just right… or pointless to argue since this is just the temporary cost and we have no idea how it’ll change in the coming weeks/months?

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