Imperial Gems for Legendary Jewelry Enchanting: Too Cheap?

Imperials are stacking up already.

I, for one, welcome our new Imperial Overloads.

Fans long complained that it was too expensive to enchant Legendary Jewelry with Flawless Imperial gems, especially since more than a random distribution of those items seemed to require Topaz. Now that the cost has been cut to 33% of that, with Flawless Imperial changed to Imperial, fans still have complaints: Imperial Gems for Legendary Jewelry Enchanting: Too Cheap?

The game is easy enough with the crazy legandery items frequency drop, please change it back.. imperial gems to change jewelry is too ridiculous.
Vaneras: The change was done as a precursor to future changes that are still in the works. We’re planning to introduce more uses for any gem you have excess of, as well as a way to increase your ability to get specific gems that you are lacking. Since those future changes are further down the road however, we temporarily changed the cost to enchant jewelry in order to make it a little less punishing to add a socket to your rings or amulets.

Travis Day recently promised coming changes to make it easier to find or create the type of gems that you want, though we don’t have details yet: see that post here. And as the Blue says in this post today, it’s a “temporary” change. The reagent might go back up to a Flawless Imperial at some point, once they’ve implemented a way to transform other types of gems into the type your ring/amulet requires?

This sort of issue is funny, since people have that attitude. “If it requires more than I have it’s too expensive and it if requires less than I have it’s too cheap.”

Personally, I think it’s just right, leaning toward too cheap. The screen above is my current stash, where Imperial Gems are starting to rather stack up, as I pick up all the gems I find and upgrade the Marquise to Imperial for storage. This is on my HSea account, and I’ve had a Monk and a DH die this season, both taking multiple gems with them, which is why I’m so much lower on Emeralds than the others. What I’ve got now feels like a surplus (just give me more emeralds!), but if the price changed back to Flawless Imperial tomorrow, I’d change my tune when 42 Imperial Topaz turned into 14 Flawless Imperial, since it’s quite easy to spend that many (or more) trying to add a socket to just a single ring/amulet.

What do you guys think of the current jewelry enchanting cost? Too cheap, too expensive, just right… or pointless to argue since this is just the temporary cost and we have no idea how it’ll change in the coming weeks/months?

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  1. The thing I don’t understand about this is that it was supposed to lower the barrier to entry to using legendary gems. Why didn’t they just increase the chance for a ring/neck enchant to roll a socket and keep the imperial cost.

  2. It is too cheap. The reason is Boon of the Hoarder and the Vault. My friends, who were previously broke, are now swimming in millions of gold (or hundreds of millions) and this is HC. It seems gold definitely got devalued in 2.1.1.

  3. This is QQ for the sake of QQ. If gold isn't a problem for the Elite of Diablo, and materials aren't a problem for the Elite of Diablo, then things will always be "too easy" and "too cheap" for the Elite of Diablo. Meanwhile, there are hordes of casual players who haven't seen a goblin portal to the Vault, and for whom those imperial gems are still a challenge. Ignore the Elite of Diablo, who will always have the biggest piles of treasure and the best items, and make it a bit easier for the casuals.

  4. I was quite pleased with the change. I'd say Flawless Imperial was overkill. Perhaps this is slightly too cheap, but the pool of potential rolls for amulets is already second only to Sources/Mojos/Quivers as-is, so I don't really see this is a problem. You will likely still be rolling quite frequently to find what you're looking for.

  5. I'm fine with it because gems were never my limiting factor either way. Neither was gold. The current system saves me annoyance factor of having to find something else to do while the moronic gem crafting "time-waster" progress bar fills up.

    Horadric Cube transmutation was instant for a reason.

  6. Blizz, get over your control freak nature; make Ramaldan's Gifts work on jewelry, helms, and chest/pants. Enough is enough. "We want everyone to use Leg Gems as soon as you find them." But we don't want you to actually find jewelry w/ sockets. Or easily put a socket in one.

    Guess what: all of the big set chest, pants and helm pieces (Marauder, Firebird, etc), have a socket as one of the natural rolls. You know why? B/c only a got-darn moron would want any of those items w/o a socket. It took them forever to put in a "guaranteed" socket system for weapons (the most important socket in the game), and yet they still refuse to do the same for jewelry. W/ Leg gems, jewelry sockets are now the second most important sockets in the game, and yet all you can hope for is you have enough gems and crystals to blow on this crap. Stop the madness!

  7. This game's got too much diablo in it.

  8. Lol dumb. I figured people would complain. How bout keep it as it is, dont let imperials drop anymore, just marquise, so you have to gem up to craft again. Thats not too bad.
    Had an idea for Ramaladnis Gift.
    Open it up to put a socket in ALL gear that can roll a socket, however each Gift has a different % chance to succeed in adding the socket.
    Now, its said in the future that more legendary gems are coming (defensive gems please?) So let us put leg gems on all the rest of the gear.
    My last idea is rework the way gems level. Each gem has it's own experience bar leveling only in greater rifts. The higher the grift, the better experience it gains.
    Maybe even add a couple more effects each gem has. One at 25, 50, 75, 100.
    I dunno, im just throwing fun ideas out there. Maybe I'm just the Vince Russo of Diablo 3 ideas.

  9. It’s fine like it is. I had to re-roll my SOJ 100 times to get a bloody socket. Burned through a whole stack of precious yellow mats too – that hurt enough. At least now the gem costs are easier to stomach

  10. It's a good change , I'm all for it , should have been done a lot sooner though .

  11. This newspost just screams for a First World Problems meme image.

  12. Considering seasons (, which I don't play – at least atm.,) I would say that the new price is quite right.

    In regular play, on the other hand, even Flawless Imperials become peanuts fast, once the main character becomes able to farm T5/6. Even earlier, when getting one his hands on a Boon of the Hoarder. Gem costs for Enchanting are effectively just a mildly cloaked goldsink, once you've upgraded the few Royals needed for each characters equipment, anyhow.

    In the end I'm rather hoping that seasons and whining were not the only reasons for lowering the gem quality needed, but that there are other goldsinks in the making, be it directly or in another cloaked variant, and the changes made in preparation for them.

    After all: Until there are ways complimetary to the randomized developement through drops and ever changeable Skills/Passives/Paragon points selection integrated into the game, where Players can set goals for themselves concerning their characters developements, new and exciting content is still the only way to keep up longevity.

  13. I don’t understand why we need a gold sink in the game, period. D3 is basically a single player game, and with no AH, who cares how much gold another person has?

    I’m quite pleased they dropped the price down to an imperial, heck, I wish it was done a couple weeks ago before I burned down 20 or so attempts to socket a Unity. My main is a WD (hardcore), and I have roughly 1000 marquis of each gem but 250 topaz, and no way to reliably get more. If she deeds, I wouldn’t be able to replace the top-end topaz in her gear.

    Finding gear and killing monsters is what’s fun in d3. Not spending countless gems rerolling found items into something usable. Sucks to have all these legendary gems but no where to put them.

    As a side note, I absolutely detest the “solve media” forced advertising to post here, and think I will not do so again. Just terrible.

  14. Flux, is that a diamond in your pants or are you just happy to be posting?

  15. Why does it even require any gem in the first place?

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