While the news flow has started to ebb, Blizzard is still talking to the PC gaming press. IGN has had the opportunity to talk to Leonard Boyarsky, the game’s Lead World Designer (title also called: Uber Lore Geek, and we all wished we had that job), on the importance of lore in the game.

    Nothing new under the sun, as this interview is very similar to the other ones, but it’s still nice to get to know the world and the people making it as close as possible.

    IGN: How much do you have to consider making sure that the world works and it’s coherent for the hardcore versus the average player? Are they even going to care about this? How do you factor that in to how you build the world, and introduce the player to the world?

    Leonard Boyarsky: I think that’s what’s really great about – I feel like such a cheerleader – working at Blizzard, because they could have easily put out another Diablo game and very lightly skimmed the surface of these kind of things, and it would have sold very well, but Chris Metzen – he’s the creative director of the whole company – is a very big champion of the lore and the story and that stuff, and that is what the really hardcore players care about. [While] a lot of other people don’t – and it can’t be allowed to impede on the fun of the game… but if we take it into account when we’re developing the game, I think it comes across in the feel and the mood.

    A lot of what I’ve done in my past games – even though they’ve had a lot more dialogue and hardcore RPG stuff than we’re going to have in this game – the thing I’m always trying to do is to create a mood for the player first and foremost, and that’s going to hopefully colour the player’s experience from the minute he steps into the game; the way people talk or the environment he’s running through… Diablo 1 had this really haunted, horror mood, Diablo 2 lost a little bit of that, and we really looked at the difference of those two things, so that’s the kind of thing that we’re trying to get the players to experience.

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