IGN has posted a good write up (but no actual video or transcript) from their conversation with DiabloWikiJay Wilson at Gamescom. There isn’t any *new* information,but they have some nice quotes from Jay about game building, overall progress, multiplayer compatibility, and more.  A couple of quotes:

    “What we’re doing right now is going broad across the whole game,” said Wilson. “We’re trying to build up all the content to enough of a point where we can get into polishing. We have good examples of what does it look like for monsters when we’re at ship level, what does it look like for classes, what does it look like for items, we have the answers to those questions, but there’s still some story and questing stuff that’s not hitting the quality level that we want, so those are the things we’re working on.”

    For anyone curious about exactly how long they may have to wait for the game to be ready to ship, Wilson provided more specifics about the production status. “We’re still adding monsters, we’re still working on bosses, we have some that aren’t made yet, we’re working on every Act but we’ve got some areas that haven’t been built yet. We’re still building, but we’re building very fast. We’re not in discovery mode anymore.”

    …“Honestly, it’s similar size to Diablo II. There are some differences here and there, exterior environments are a little more diverse, dungeons are about the same. Even the way the Acts increase in length and then scale down. We intentionally did that again because we thought, some of that was done to ship Diablo II, but we thought it had a good feel to it to reduce the length of later acts so that you feel like you’re accelerating towards the finale.”

    Thanks to Bad Ash for the news tip.

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