A fan asked a question I think about now and then, and got a Blue reply:

    If you were starting a new character…

    knowing what you know now after playing for a year, what would you do differently? Use a different character? New gear? Spent LESS time doing…? Spent MORE time doing…? What would you do now to improve your experience?
    Grimiku: I would personally start in Hardcore instead of Normal, focus on crafting right off the bat, and pick up everything instead of holding Left CTRL + Mouse Over to see if it’s worth picking up or not. Also, I would initially roll with a Barbarian who uses nothing but 2-handers.

    This topic came up during podcast recording early this evening, when we were talking about amassing riches and leveling up a variety of characters (or not). I’ve never gotten that rich in D3, largely since I always planned to play all five classes and have thus saved 90% of my most valuable item finds to use myself, rather than selling them off. Furthermore, during my initial play through to 60 I alternated time between a Wizard, Demon Hunter, and Barbarian, and did it (almost) all self-found.

    In retrospect, that was sub-optimal Diablo 3 strategy on both counts, and if I could send myself a message to May 14th, 2012, I’d tell me to focus 100% of my play time on one class (it doesn’t really matter which one), and to immediately GAH everything that wasn’t ideal for that class. This would have gotten me to 60 much more quickly and amassed me a ton of gold along the way, which would have bought me better gear, which would have earned me more gold, etc.

    Insert morale here about learning as I played, enjoying it more since I had to work for it, walking five miles to school through the snow uphill both ways, etc.

    But that’s me. What would you guys change about your early playing experience in Diablo 3? What would you recommend for someone else if they were just starting the game now (such as the hordes of PlayStation gamers, sometime soon)?

    Incidentally, there’s no funnier answer to this question than something like, “cancel my preorder/kill myself/go back in time to keep Jay Wilson’s parents from ever meeting/etc.” So be sure you put that as your reply, since we’ll all think it’s really funny and clever and will frankly admire your original wit and brilliance.

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