If You Could Take One RoS Legendary Back to D3v…

Inferno not so tough, now?

Inferno not so tough, now?

This topic came up on the podcast last night (to be posted shortly) and I wondered what the community might come up with. The idea is simple; just imagine taking one legendary item now available in Reaper of Souls back to Diablo 3 vanilla to use on your character in that state of the game… which would you choose?

For the sake of the hypothetical argument, assume the numbers on the weapon will scale to the D3v values, since otherwise any ancient weapon from the current game would be insanely overpowered in the D3v era, all armor would have double the stats, etc. We’re also ruling out any of the new-improved item sets, since those take up too many slots, and most of them enable entire builds that work due to skill changes since D3v.

So, what would you Wayback Machine to your favorite class from those dark AH days? If You Could Take One RoS Legendary Back to D3v…


The Undisputed Champion or Bastion’s Revered since I enjoyed Frenzy Barbs, but honestly the build would still be underpowered. Vile Ward? Skull Grasp upvotes from comments.


Can’t play since he didn’t exist in D3v. Open to suggestions for a newly-added leg to fix the weak Crusader we saw at RoS’ launch?

Demon Hunter

Hard to argue with Kridershot, though the other Spenders were so lame in D3v that this would basically make Elemental Arrow your best generator AND spender? On the podcast Master X suggested Bombardier’s Rucksack, but I say no, since Sentries weren’t worth casting until the Marauder’s Set weaponized them. Hexing Pants of Mr Yan would have made Strafe viable? I hate to say it, but Beckon Sail might be my final answer, as Hardcore DH’s were so ridiculously squishy before RoS.


Gungdo Gear? Death Watch Mantle is not a sexy answer, but seriously, the procs from these shoulders would have dealt more damage than my Monk’s entire offensive output in D3v. So would Vengeful Wind, for that matter. The huge RoS upgrade to Fire Walkers would have made Tempest Rush builds?

Witch Doctor

Imagine Homunculus with a Sacrifice build? Carnevil would have made a whole new build. Wormwood would?


Nilfur’s Boast would have made Meteors glorious and Serpent’s Sparker would have made Hydra amazing, but it’s hard to see anything beating out Aether Walker. Upvotes from comments for Wand of Woh to make Critical Mass Wizards without peer.

Honorable Mention

Sash of Knives has to join Death Watch Mantle (and maybe Pox Faulds?) as a piece of armor with a proc that would exceed all your char’s other damage. Convention of Elements would have made elemental damage type matter. Schaefer’s Hammer basically grants an invisible Conduit Pylon. Upvotes from comments for the Ob/Zod, which would have been a complete game-changer in D3v before the era of CDR gear.

Better Ideas?

I skimmed over the legendary pages to see what caught my eye, but I’m sure you guys have some recommendations for your fave classes. Hit the comments for that and I’ll update the OP with the best ideas from feedback.


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  1. Ancient SMK would be real nice in D3v

  2. Barbs – Skull Grasp!
    DH – Cindercoat
    Monk – Strong Arm Bracers
    WD – Mask of Jeram
    Wiz – Rimeheart would be sweet on CM wiz! Wand of Woh would be better though.

    • Exactly, Wand of Woh for CM wizard. Why even bother with Aether walker when you have no cd already?
      Ranslor’s folly, not being overpowered would have helped the build slightly.

      Well I was also thinking more AH oriented with Boon of the Hoarder and Broken Crown.

  3. ObZod, easily. CDR didn’t exist which would make the effect all the more powerful. It’s also pretty class-neutral so I could use it on anything and it’d still be pretty good.

  4. for wiz definitely WOH! if you do not agree, you never see cmww wiz

  5. Skull Grasp actually. Since Wrath barbs were already so OP, adding 300-400% damage would rip apart anything with ease.

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