For some odd reason, Blizzard refuses to let fans post petition type threads. We’re not Blizzard though, so F that loser policy, and here’s a petition thread. A fan brought up an issue I’ve been agitating for, at least since v1.0.4 so greatly increased the number of Rares found on a typical dungeon run. The want for a way to identify all items at once.

    BeerMan: Have you ever done A3 inferno runs and have quickly filled up your inventory with unid rare items? Aside from the fact that you know most of them will suck, it’s a pain to have to identify each item one at a time.

    How much better would it be to have the option to identify all your items in your inventory at once? Sell your junk and then get back to the action with your party in no time. Please implement something like: Shift + Right Click on a unid item will id all items in your inventory. Seems simple, and would make the game even better.
    Vaeflare: You’re right on the mark that petition-type threads are frowned upon, but If you want to continue to discuss the topic of identifying items one at a time, I’m alright with letting this thread endure. Just please keep it constructive and on-topic.

    The best tactic I’ve found is to regularly ID some things in the field. Just do one or two items every now and then and the total wasted time feels less than if you do 10 or 12 in a row while standing in town. Ideally you can ID in the field while you’re waiting for some skill to come off of cooldown or while your resource regenerates, so the time isn’t wasted.

    Workarounds aside, I fully agree with the OP. There needs to be a way to ID-all. I’d be fine with it tied to some NPC in town; Leah or the ghost of Deckard Cain or Griswold or Magda’s left butterfly or whoever. Just give us a way to ID 15 rares at once, instead of having to click them all individually. A 3 second wait for each of ten pairs of level 57 pants that you’re only ID’ing since you can’t sell them without doing so serves no purpose but annoyance.

    And now is the time for the voting!

    Does Diablo 3 need an Identify-All items feature?

    • 1) Yes, definitely. (75%, 3,162 Votes)
    • 2) No, I like the current system. (11%, 451 Votes)
    • 3) Items should just drop identified already. (9%, 400 Votes)
    • 4) No opinion/don't care. (5%, 214 Votes)

    Total Voters: 4,227

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