Identify All Items Function Requested

For some odd reason, Blizzard refuses to let fans post petition type threads. We’re not Blizzard though, so F that loser policy, and here’s a petition thread. A fan brought up an issue I’ve been agitating for, at least since v1.0.4 so greatly increased the number of Rares found on a typical dungeon run. The want for a way to identify all items at once.

BeerMan: Have you ever done A3 inferno runs and have quickly filled up your inventory with unid rare items? Aside from the fact that you know most of them will suck, it’s a pain to have to identify each item one at a time.

How much better would it be to have the option to identify all your items in your inventory at once? Sell your junk and then get back to the action with your party in no time. Please implement something like: Shift + Right Click on a unid item will id all items in your inventory. Seems simple, and would make the game even better.
Vaeflare: You’re right on the mark that petition-type threads are frowned upon, but If you want to continue to discuss the topic of identifying items one at a time, I’m alright with letting this thread endure. Just please keep it constructive and on-topic.

The best tactic I’ve found is to regularly ID some things in the field. Just do one or two items every now and then and the total wasted time feels less than if you do 10 or 12 in a row while standing in town. Ideally you can ID in the field while you’re waiting for some skill to come off of cooldown or while your resource regenerates, so the time isn’t wasted.

Workarounds aside, I fully agree with the OP. There needs to be a way to ID-all. I’d be fine with it tied to some NPC in town; Leah or the ghost of Deckard Cain or Griswold or Magda’s left butterfly or whoever. Just give us a way to ID 15 rares at once, instead of having to click them all individually. A 3 second wait for each of ten pairs of level 57 pants that you’re only ID’ing since you can’t sell them without doing so serves no purpose but annoyance.

And now is the time for the voting!

Does Diablo 3 need an Identify-All items feature?

  • 1) Yes, definitely. (75%, 3,162 Votes)
  • 2) No, I like the current system. (11%, 451 Votes)
  • 3) Items should just drop identified already. (9%, 400 Votes)
  • 4) No opinion/don't care. (5%, 214 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,227

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39 thoughts on “Identify All Items Function Requested

  1. Maybe Blizzard considers the time to identify items as a kind of item sink, meaning that the more time you spend identifying items, the less you’re farming. Or maybe you don’t pick up certain items because you don’t want to waste time identifying them.

    I’m all for an ID all button though.

    • Your theory, while interesting, doesn’t really wash with their previous explanations.

      They made magic items id’d by default because they figured no one would really be using magic items after Normal and they aren’t very exciting anyway. Forcing you to ID rare items was to preserve some of the ‘old’ Diablo functionality and give players a moment of anticipation.

      I have to say, the anticipation is still there for when you finally find an ilvl 63 weapon, particularly if it has good base damage, or ilvl 62+ armor.

      The problem is everything from 60 downwards, 99% of the time, will not be useful for any purpose except vendor trash, so there is no real anticipation just a tedious chore to complete.

      Personally I ID every item as I pick it up in the field, so never have this ‘downtime’ problem. Although interestingly in my last serious run in Inferno (2+ weeks ago) I stopped doing the instant-ID thing, which I guess was a harbinger of my declining interest in the game.

  2. The real problem is the junk, I get tired of looting Rares lvl 63 worse than some lvl 55 blues. The feeling of opening a present is nice if you expect something good.

  3. *After several days of seeing other people complain about log in issues, it seems I can’t log in now. Yes, I have cleared my cookies*

    Adding to the frustration of I.D.-ing one by one is the fact that you can’t look at your other items while waiting. You can’t even move towards a vendor without cancelling the I.D. process!

    *verification word: sausages!

  4. I’m a big fan of the 3) Items should just drop identified already.

    If they’re going to have an identify all button, why not just have them dropped identified already?

    I understand that was how it worked in D2, but since there are so many more rare’s now in D3 and most of them are junk anyway, I honestly feel better if they were already identified and just leave Legendaries as unid.

    • while i agree that identifying items is a pointless exercise i’d rather they do not drop identified.

      i want see the base name of the item so that i know the ilvl of the item – i want to see “helion crossbow” when it drops so i instantly that this is an ilvl63 crossbow and not “venom helix of the drunken monkey or w/e”

      for that matter i wouldn’t mind if the items get identified the very moment they are picked up.

  5. While they’re at it, how about an option to craft all possible gems of each level for a given kind at once? Much as everyone loves Shen, I’d rather not spend 5 minutes sitting there cubing up all my gems every time.

    PS – When I try to log in, Firefox gives the big red warning that this has been reported as an “attack site.” Login says successful but doesn’t persist. Maybe something in an ad script causing the former problem?

  6. The ‘honeymoon’ period in D3 is over, We all know the goods and the bads, so the game should evolve to a simpler and less irritating “feature” like having an ID All items. Its a no brainer. It should be there since the day that everyone knew that most of them are crap anyways.

  7. Earlier today when I tried to access the website from my computer, it was flagged as a potential threat. Later (or earlier, I forget, but later makes more sense,) when I tried to go on the site again, I got the “down for an upgrade” message. I’m guessing that, either someone keeps attacking the site, or something is causing false-positives on the site. And, for what it’s worth, last time didn’t have anything to do with the cookies saved by your browser, logging in to comment on articles was taken down for a security audit. I’m guessing these all have something to do with each other.

    As for ID-ing items… All ID option please!

    • Or it could be an ad script problem, like Kunzaito said. Oddly enough, I’ve been having a lot of problems with ads being detected as threats by Avast recently.

  8. I like it this way, gives me better overview, helps organizing, and prevents me from being to rushed… What I really need is an option in AH to mirror the stats of an item directly in the search, but with an option to customize it. Like not/only mirroring certain stats, lower all stats mirrored with 10%, etc. The ID time of an item is nothing compared to time wasted on entering and modifying affixes in the search boxes over and over again…

    • Should just be a way to click on an item in the sell screen, either right-click or shift-click or somesuch, that will fill in the basic stats from the item into the search boxes, based on the underlying affixes, and then let you modify them before searching. It gets a little tricky though because items can have up to 9 or 10 ‘stats’ on them, despite having only 6 affixes, because some affixes have multiple stats (like +str/+vit), so it should be based on affixes and for affixes which have multiple stats just select the highest value ones.

      This is probably one of the most annoying things about the AH now, I find I have to write down all the bloody stats from items in my inventory so I can search for upgrades when I should be able to search for “item like this but with bigger numbers”.

  9. Btw.. This community manager thinks different about improvement threads:

    quote: We are always interested in reading what features you guys would like or miss the most, so don’t be afraid to use the forum rating system to up-vote the ideas you like best, or post a comment on why you like a particular idea. This is of course should not be read as a promise that the most popular idea will get implemented, merely that we are interested in what you guys would like to see added or changed.

    And oh yeah can’t log in again on main page.

  10. Theres no one who could do this. Cain is dead. The only way would be a Tome of Identify with 100 charges…

  11. I think the problem with the current design is that there are too many rare drops, and they are all trash. Lest say the decreased the amount of rares, but increased their quality. Then it would be OK. ID’ing now is just waste of time. Sometimes is feels waste of time to even play the game.
    I stop to ID items if WOTB-thrives of chaos runs out and it’s still on cooldown.

  12. While I can understand the appeal of the retro unidentified drops I really think the person who thought it would be a good idea to make an ID take 3 seconds or so should be punished… severely… and repeatedly…

    Smoothness, pacing, ease of use, etc are all arguments we have heard a gazillion times when initially unpopular design choices were made and then they come up with a 3 second timer on item identification… Confused I am, hmmm…

    I’m a poor little hardcore barby and I spend ages id-ing and vendoring junk, which totally kills the game’s pace.

  13. Identifying rares is fun. But I don’t consider yellow items rare anymore, since every second mob drops one.
    I think yellows should drop identified already and just save the identify process for sets and legendaries.

  14. How ironic is it that in trying to make ID’ing less tedious in D3 than D2, they made it *more* tedious? Just remove the retarded 3 second delay: make it instant, or at most half a second.

  15. ID-ing is not the problem. The problem is the sheer volume of crap dropping. NV is not working. It should just give a flat MF bonus and packs should only have an increased chance to drop rares, not guarenteed drops.

  16. Pepple will always want the easy way.

    Hey why not make a game where you push a button per session, say 30 minutes of play and then all loot appears with stats.

    Or even better yet: just push one button every hour without even playing and whaaam 1 legendary drop, 10 rares and 20 blues appear.

    Hell why not make a game with one button stating: push to beat Diablo 3.

  17. I like id-ing items as long as they have a moderate chance to be worthwhile. What they -need- to do is cut the droprate by 80% and improve the range on rares to be 80% better. Only then it will be fun id-ing items.

  18. I also ID in the field. It gives a bit of time to let CDs recover. I don’t know why people think IDing later in large bunches is saving them time. Are they super worried about their NV stacks falling off? Do you think you farm faster without IDing when it drops? Because you don’t. Eventually you’ll spend 10 minutes IDing an entire stash of loot and that’s time spent… not farming. So stop doing that. Stop it. 😛

  19. The Mystic is the obvious choice for the ‘new Cain’, however I doubt we will see her before the first expansion.

  20. Honestly the ID part is one of my favorite parts of the grind. In D2 you never used Cain during endgame. It was obviously a lot different style of gear, but you still had that “omg! that just dropped” and then the ID part for another suspenseful moment hoping for rolls on that item.

    I for one wouldn’t like to have all my stuff ID’ed at once. I like that sorta pop you get when you ID and its a great item. I think it would feel different it it was just a mouse over. Plus clicking on the 63’s gives even more of a “come on come on, be good be good” type of feeling. Your let down most of the time, but sometimes your not.

    I voted No. But really the ID time should be cut down. Either 1/3 – 1/4 of what it is now or maybe instant. I’d hate to have to use and ID all button to feel like I was farming efficiently.

  21. while on the topic of obnoxious repetitive clicking with a cast time…think we could get a create gem button that doesn’t make me click on flawless square over 200 times?

  22. Give me an easy way to filter out all items below ilvl61 and I’d be happy. I can keep track on most crap from their names, but it’s a hassle to learn all the names…

    • You mean when the item is on the ground? If so, then hover the item while holding Ctrl key, and it will display the item stats window

  23. I’d agree that identifying only rares and upwards seemed like a decent solution at first. But considering the sheer amount of loot and how 99.9% of it is garbage, there isn’t any kind of sensation left in the process. With the iconic character offering this service being gone, it’s probably time to let go of the gimmick as a whole. It just doesn’t server much of a purpose anymore.

    Unless of course, there was some clever mechanic that made use of unidentified items (beyond trade gambling). Like the ability to upgrade an unidentified item before you actually know what you’re upgrading or something.

  24. There’s no point in having unidentified items anymore since the quantity has greatly increased. Because most of them are garbage any hope or intent of “I might get something good” has also gone out the wind along with the antiquated nostalgia some might feel about the very concept. At this point for me when I have to stop to ID an item it slows down my body count and thus decreases the little fun I have left.

    It would seem to me that if the request feature is to stop losing so much time on identifying items then having them drop identified is the best answer to that.

    • Leave it to Flux to beat a dead horse if it means insulting Blizzard! [see the rainbow / color “controversy”]

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