A couple of blue posts today bring up issues worth discussing. One change they’re experimenting with in the Reaper of Souls beta is dropping all Rares already ID’ed.

    I hope it is only for the beta couse Identify items is fun
    Vaneras: Right now we are testing how the item game feels if you only have to ID legendaries, because the real magic happens with the legendaries 😉 As usual, this is of course subject to change. After all, this is just the beta and not the final game.

    It should be said as well that we have also seen plenty of feedback from people who do not think having to ID items is very fun.

    it gives more tension and excitment to know what powerfull stats are hiding behind that ?
    That is a good point for sure, but isn’t this kind of tension and excitement sort of the same thing as when you see that yellow item drop on the ground and you don’t know the stats on it until you have picked it up?

    Spending time to ID items is a Diablo series tradition. That said, the process has gotten more convenient and quicker with each game, and right now in the RoS beta it’s the easiest ever since Rares drop already IDed. I’m generally a traditionalist in terms of Diablo series innovations, but I like the new system. At least I did at first… but I’m growing less fond of it by the game, for a weird side effect reason.

    What type the Yellows are?

    What type the Yellows are?

    I don’t miss having to ID rares. What I’m starting to miss is the ability to know the item type by the name on the ground.

    At first in RoS it was handy, since I was picking up everything, since anything might be an upgrade over my D3V gear. As time passes though and my level 70 Monk’s gear improves, the odds of anything being an upgrade are dropping rapidly. It’s not yet to the D3V-style where only rare rings, amulets, and 1H weapons are wroth picking up, but it’s moving in that direction, and when the items drop with only their name showing… you often can’t tell the useless (any 2H weapon) from the potentially great (jewelry).

    In other news a fan with a ton of twinks wants more challenge right from the start.

    My main concern – it is TOO easy on Master difficulty lvl. I was given 199 paragon lvl and equiped a hellfire ring and now any elite pack is killed in less than a second. That is a way too much. Please, give some challenge for high paragon guys like me by allowing to choose higher difficulty levels beyond Master from the start without having to reach lvl 60-70.
    Grimiku: Currently, unlocking difficulties is a little confusing, but there is a way to start your Crusader on higher setting. Normal, Hard, and Expert difficulties are available right at the beginning, but Master and Torment unlock when one of your characters reaches 60 and 70 respectively. However, those difficulties are available for all of your characters once you’ve unlocked them. I know that playing a character up to 70 might be a little inconvenient for you, but you might find that playing your Crusader on a higher difficulty was worth it.

    We’re definitely interested in your feedback on the difficulty settings, though, and I’ll be sure to keep an eye on this thread.

    The OP’s comment is a little confused, since if he’s got 191 paragon points he’s obviously got some level 60 characters. That said, why not? Bliz, just allow all difficulty levels right from the start. What’s the big deal? The selection screen gives pretty clear warnings how hard (or not) the various settings are, and if players have such massive twinks that they can survive on Master+ right from the start, let them. Or if a player doesn’t, but still wants to turn it way up and get slaughtered, it’s the same thing. Let them. Why try to stop it or control it?

    Why must Bliz forever put artificial limits and controls on how players want to play the game, especially in an issue like this where it affects no one else?

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