13 legendaries by level 16...

    11 legendaries by level 16…

    There are lots of forum threads commenting on the increased legendary drop rate in the new PTR patch. People playing T10 say with copied chars say the drop rate is almost as high as it was when the community buff was active, and even players starting out new S4 chars at level 1 said it was very high.

    been doing Torment X. Drop rates seem way to high. Getting same if not more Legends than when the community buff was active.

    24 legendaries one run 5 set items. Should be rewarded for being able to clear 10 but donno .. seems like this many drops could get lamesauce fast

    Drop rates do seem higher than normal. Is it a bug or change in policy? Unlike others I wouldn’t mind seeing more loot. If you’re searching for a “good” something then it seems to me multiple drops of the it will produce a better result. We are also going to need more crafting mats..

    Curious about that and the low level progression and crafting, I found an hour to play this evening and hopped on with a new Season 4 softcore DH. Nothing felt any different until about level 11, when I entered my first Rift. I’d found just 1 leg until that point doing all of act 1 bounties, but once in the Rift things changed.

    That changed in the Rift. My first golden chest in the Rift popped 2 legs at once. I found 4 more on that floor, and several more on floor 2, including another one from the Guardian. In the screenshot you see my char after doing that first Rift, exiting after the Guardian. That’s 11 legs found — 5 equipped, 4 in the stash, and 2 others on the Follower. And that’s by level 16, playing solo on Hard, without any twinks, community buffs, MF, etc.

    If this was just a big buff to the leg drop rate for new characters, to make the 1-70 more fun, I would not object. The 1-70 is boring, and clangs are fun. I wasn’t leveling any faster (except due to slightly faster killing speed) and there weren’t double goblins or double shards or triple exp or anything else community buff-style, but the drop rate is definitely way higher than in the past.

    It’s fun for the 1-70 grind, but as this huge drop rate seems to be across the board, to the point that people on T10 are already complaining that it’s too easy… that seems like a problem. There’s nothing in the patch notes about a global leg drop rate buff, so it’s possible this is a bug. Which would be really ironic, as Bliz rebooted Season 4 mostly because the initial run at S4 last week was corrupted by a bug that made crafted items have no Clvl req.

    See you guys for Season 4, part 3, next week!

    Update: No Blue replies to any threads about the drop rate buff, and some players say they haven’t found any more legs than they’d expect on Live. Stories from T10 are hard to evaluate. After all, there *should* be more legs dropping on T7-T10 on the PTR than on T6 on Live, since they’re higher difficulty levels.

    That’s why I wanted to test level 1 char in S4, and finding 11 legs when I’d have expected 3-5 at most on Live seemed pretty good evidence to me. Possible I just had a really good run of RNG + Bliz boosted the drop rate some, but not hugely?

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