HQ Video of D3CE Unboxing

We got that grainy video from Australia last week, which spawned controversy with the apparently black soulstone and Diablo skull. Hard to say how much of that was the poor video quality or just an irregularity in that batch of the product, since here’s a high quality video with good lightning, and the soulstone and skull look much more like the gray and dark red they were in the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Collector’s Edition promotional literature.

The video’s narrated in German, but you can enjoy the visuals even if you can’t understand the words. There are no spoilers; he doesn’t even open up opens the artbook and flips through it from 1:03 to 1:17 so avert your tender eyes. Thanks to aerial and Andreas for the tip.

Update: Some awesomely HQ photos of the contents, from Nanitereboot via Deviant Art. Two pics of the Art Book’s contents, but they only show a Barbarian and some monster concept art we’ve seen before, so spoiler free.

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    51 thoughts on “HQ Video of D3CE Unboxing

    1. I want to see an unboxing of the standard edition. Not the one that just shows the outside of the box that’s floating out there.

      • I was one of the first to see the videochat transmission if this unboxing. I was so anxious to see what the new design is all bout. I watched this video without even blinking.

      • Indeed he does. I skipped ahead just a little bit when he started to go through it.

        • Sorry about that, guys. I was doing email and rushing to post this right before recording an interview with Max and I didn’t notice the artbook reveal, since it’s only 12s long. I updated the post with a warning.

    2. Duuuuuude, he TOTALLY opens up the artbook! Some spoilery images there, although not so spoilery if you’ve already the Aussie unboxing video…

      • Indeed and I noticed they put art from one boss on another boss’s page (top right of the left page). Fail, Blizzard…

    3. and idk that soulstone looks black with a reddish tint to me. watch the black soulstone video. the black soulstone had a red tint.

      • I want to see someone plug it into their computer. Though I’ll have the chance to do that on the 15th regardless.

    4. The Soulstone USB Stick will shine in lava red when plugged into the PC (Light effect)
      Imo the skull base should have a usb cable leading to your PC and then you can plug the USB Soulstone into the Skull to access it on your PC which then would make the USB key glow red.

      • Thats an epic idea, I would of got the CE just for that.
        Would look awsome all evil in a skull glowing on my desk 
        Blizzard please make this idea and sell it on the blizzard store we all want one.
        Oh and it has to glow “not just light up” for added evilness.

      • friend of mine plans to use a dremel in the back of the skull and hook it up to do just that. i told him if he can i might have to pay him to do the same for me

      • not much:

        “Oh nice extra guest passes, Oh noes! I guess I have to flip the cards to hide the Keys”
        “Bla bla you could invite friends to play D3 with you…”

        Which you can anyways bcs everyone will be able to play the trial version of D3 which will be the same as our beta was (i think) up to skeleton king.

    5. Ummm he did open the book.  Post needs to be corrected since he flipped through quite a few pages for concept art and mobs.  Your typing went the complete opposite of your nerve impulses.

    6. i was so lucky to preorder mine at amazon while it was still in sotck.
      At first i was thinking about selling this gem for profit. 😈 😈 😈
      now that i know ill get a free d2lod (i wont ever play) and a nice artbook im really intrigued to open that thing!
      What would jesus do?

      • What would Jesus do? Just like the story of the bread and fish, Jesus would dupe the CE into thousands of copies, and give them to all the unwashed masses that got shafted by Gamestop.

    7. I think my order of D3 CE went through and I am actually getting it.
      Best Buy Canada just charged my Credit Card so I assume I am lucky enough to not have my preorder canceled by BB. 🙂

      Despite all the negative posts from fans saying that Best Buy sucks, I think this time around Best Buy had “VIP” connections to Blizzard and they were guaranteed a sh1tload of CE’s

      On Monday night every Best Buy that opens at midnight for D3 will have 50 CE’s per store for people that line up. (At least in Canada)


      • Awesome thanks for the heads up! I wonder if they will increase the price like those European retailers who doubled the price. I pre-ordered at another store so I am not sure if I want to line up at BB, maybe I will swing by there a bit before midnight and see if the line is less than 50 people lol.

        • best buy will not charge more for the CE than it was when you preordered.

          The instances in the world where people ask 200%+ prices correspond to smaller private held game-shops and those owners just abuse the situation to make some extra money.

    8. That was fun to listen to!  Lots of random intelligible words in there.  “SUPER COOL” “…TADA!” etc.

    9. oO, first page of the art book written in french… but german prospect and german retailer? Does this make any sense?

        • Nope, the first page is clearly in French, the other two (where the letters are readable) are in German, don’t know what to make of it.. Maybe it’s a show off version with all languages displayed? 

    10. For those who don’t speak German let me translate a small section for you. When he initially opens the box he says “Wow!” lol

    11. The CE looks spectacular. The game seems even more terrifying being showed off in German. If this were 1942, I would have pooped myself.

    12. UUUUUUUUUUU, I want that artbook, too bad I didn’t order the collector edition. I don’t care about the other goodies, I just want the artbook.

    13. O yeahhhhh babyy! 1:07 >> thats THE Man!!!!!!! I am soooo inlove with this game…its crazy!

      Do not look if you don’t want spoilers!!!! 

    14. *drool*

      Oh man, that looks delic!

      I paid off my CE yesterday, and it’s been bagged n’ ready to pickup monday at midnight.

      • With all the worries about GameStop and other retailers cancelling CE pre-orders I had to go pay mine off, as well. Got a little bit of a scare because after the clerk put in my information he was saying, “Uh…spell your name again? I’m not showing anything here.”
        Luckily he was just a crappy typist and misspelled my name. CE payed for and ready to go.

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