A few days ago Jay Wilson was quoted in a news item from South Korea, and now there’s new non-shaky cam video footage of this year’s Diablo III demo on a Korean gaming blog. People in South Korea are getting to play Diablo III, while you are not!  At least they took 10 minutes of very good quality (for a shaky cam) video of it.

    This movie shows about 8 minutes of DiabloWikiDemon Hunter action, and then a bit of DiabloWikiWizard at the end. Don’t watch it for strategy or technique; it’s painful to watch the wasted DiabloWikiBolo Shots and the lack of any idea when to use DiabloWikiEntangling Shot for crowd control, and then later the Wizard who has nothing but DiabloWikiMagic Missile and DiabloWikiExplosive Blast and uses them in a purely, “what does this do?” sort of way.

    But hey, it’s new footage of the game, and it shows a variety of stuff you didn’t get to see in the official gameplay video from Blizzcon. Thanks to Popez for the tip.

    Video after the jump.

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