Bashiok added a couple of replies to the ongoing Jace Hall Show thread, confirming the reality of the female monk, and promising us a better look fairly soon.

    Yes, that is indeed the female monk.

    We’ll have an official site update and a couple high-res goodies soon.

    Although the shoulder pads do look ridiculous, you gotta remember that you’re not going to see the character zoomed up.

    I have to agree that these screenshots make it look like the monk just stole some spare shoulders from the barbarian while he was sleeping. End game is going to be really hard to distinguish which class is which if all the armor looks like this.

    Bashiok: Yeah, didn’t I just make that post yesterday?

    Anyway, considering the level at which the artists control the looks of the heroes and their progressive armor appearances I don’t think there’s any chance you’ll be able to mistake one class for another. Being able to easily read the heroes on screen is probably the first and biggest bullet point for our art design.

    Her hair being a near-white blonde wasn’t a random choice or simply for aesthetics.

    You’ll be able to identify any class out of the corner of your eye, or almost wholly obscured by effects/monsters. It’s absolutely necessary. The heroes are designed at every step of the way with that in mind. Gameplay first.

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