HQ Diablo 3 Beta Screenshots

CorneliusJD, a lucky F&F tester, posted a bunch of high quality, 1920×1080 screenshots featuring his male Demon Hunter. There are a few game action shots, but they’re mostly pictures of the inventory and interface tools. The item shots are all in our Beta Items Gallery; browse the thumbnails there, or click the following links for screenshots with tool tips of the Cauldron of Jordan, Stone of Recall, Nephalem Cube (and the salvaging result), a Page of Training, Blacksmith Training, a crossbow comparison, and even a gold-soaking snake, summoned the newly-added Scroll of Companion (discussed, with tester commentary, in this forum thread.

There are some other item tool tips in that gallery as well, including a rare belt, a Wizard’s orb, and Griswold’s Edge, one of the very few Legendary items we’ve yet seen in the beta.

Cornelius JD provided some new action screenshots as well, which you can find with lots of others in our main Beta Screenshots Gallery. including a boss Unburied, Cain in the dungeon near the meteor hole, a nice look at the boneyard that is the the Jar of Souls event room, a massacre bonus display, the Beta (and game, probably) starting point, and m-o-a-r.

Anyone with a forum account is permitted and encouraged to upload screenshots to any of our Beta image galleries. More shots of cool item finds and DiabloWikiboss monsters are definitely sought after, as we haven’t seen too many of those yet in the beta.

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31 thoughts on “HQ Diablo 3 Beta Screenshots

  1. So, what about random features and encounters in the open terrain? Are randomly generated dungeons in the beta?

    • Yeah they’re all over the place actually. I’ll be doing a 1080p full playthorugh today/tonight and get it to Flux ASAP.

  2. Have you ever noticed that Nephalem Cube look? I mean I am watching live beta videos now and it was chanced but in diablo 3 community site shows the early version. I don’t like the new version. (Sorry my bad english)

  3. will mistress of pain and siege breaking beast be in the beta and if not will they still be in the game?!!!! and last Q will the beta be just part of act 1 or the whole?!!!!!! pls answer ❗

    • Beta will only be a small portion of Act 1, up to King Leoric, that’s all 🙁

      I beat it at level 8.

      • Hmmmm well, overall I like the graphics but I feel the zoom can ruin them, am I right?

        I’d like to ask you a favor: did you try forcing Antialiasing from the drivers?

  4. I love the Scroll of Companion, if only because so many people seem to be whining about it. I will attack you with my cute fluffies.
    Seems like crafting is pretty useful, which is cool.

    • It is funny how you can get a fluffy bunny with one cast, and then a giant centipede with the next. I approve.

  5. I’ve checked most of the screenshots and I would like your opinion on the graphics. The UI is fantastic and filled with little lovely details. I liked the items (icons) too. The only thing I find “mehh”… is the 3D engine. It looks like World of Warcraft with details set on medium  😕 😕 😕 The screenshot of the hunter close to the bookshelve is just horrible, for example 😐

    Maybe the author was playing with medium settings? Could it be?

    • Some of the best ones I’ve seen so far.
      I don’t suppose you’d be willing to take a shot or two of the stash to help out a poor old wiki editor?

      • Absolutely, leaving work now, and I’ll do that when I get home.
        14 slots are available by default, but I’ve already upgraded mine a few times. I’ll reply to your post when I upload.

          • Just 14 slots by default?  That’s tiny.  Any idea how additional pages are unlocked?  Any indication that there may actually be more than the 5 tabs shown there?  I am just really disappointed so far considering they originally announced the stash was huge and this is most definitely not.

          • It’d be 14*10 (looks like 10 anyway) times 5 pages, or about 700 slots. That’s up to 350 1×2 items. It will cost you at least 2500*(700-42)/14 = 2500*47 = 117500 gold. Assuming the gold cost doesn’t ramp up, and it almost certainly will ramp.

            In comparison 1.13 D2 has a stash that can hold about 8-12 average-sized items. Seems like plenty to me…

          • 350 1×2 items might seem like a lot at a quick glance but do remember that this is shared space among all 5-10 characters.  Add to that the collection of runes and gems is sure to take up a fair amount of space if you hope to collect top end gems.  I guess I’ll just have to hope it works out that salvaging will clean up old junk items but I tend to collect gear for the next 3+ characters I plan to play.

          • I finally filled out my first tab full of slots, next tab is over 10k gold, which I do not have at the moment 🙁
            I can get some more screenies for you of the fully purchased first tab.

  6. Best shots yet! Wonder what legendaries are salvaged into and is there any possibility to craft legendaries in the final game/beta. The UI and game graphics are fantastic to me, and I’m really happy that the game doesn’t need some high-end configuration to run. I know it is 2k11 but still I have a feeling most gamers forgot to use their minds instead of their eyes and that is why this graphics mania is the main target of conversations about most games.
    Only thing I didn’t like so far are the crosses over the unusable items. Hope it is a placeholder and will change in the final game…

    • I agree, the crosses over the class-specifc items and stuff just look offputting.
      If I get some legendaries I’ll salvage one just for the sake of information 😀

      • Best solution would be maybe to make the background red instead of using crosses and to make the unindentified items semi-transparent. That would fit into the color coded style they are using atm…

  7. what the hell. I never thought i would say this, but the graphics are incredibly crap for max settings. just look at the fourth picture, of the demon hunter. the textures are too similar to wow textures. IMHO it is on the same level of torchlight graphics, which is kind of sad for a game like d3. 6 years of development, virtually infinite money, and they couldnt make something decent for 2011? the old excuse “they want to run on low specs, maximizing number of people able to play” is just retarded. They could very well have done work for a “very high” settings, with better lighting, poly count.
    just dont know what to say  :|, im kinda disapointed

    • Apparently Blizzard thinks ambient occlusion is the solution for all their graphics problems, forgetting about lighting, polygon, textures, etc.

    • I’m worried about graphics too, the 3D seems a bit poor. Maybe it’s something you notice at full zoom only?

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