CorneliusJD, a lucky F&F tester, posted a bunch of high quality, 1920×1080 screenshots featuring his male Demon Hunter. There are a few game action shots, but they’re mostly pictures of the inventory and interface tools. The item shots are all in our Beta Items Gallery; browse the thumbnails there, or click the following links for screenshots with tool tips of the Cauldron of Jordan, Stone of Recall, Nephalem Cube (and the salvaging result), a Page of Training, Blacksmith Training, a crossbow comparison, and even a gold-soaking snake, summoned the newly-added Scroll of Companion (discussed, with tester commentary, in this forum thread.

    There are some other item tool tips in that gallery as well, including a rare belt, a Wizard’s orb, and Griswold’s Edge, one of the very few Legendary items we’ve yet seen in the beta.

    Cornelius JD provided some new action screenshots as well, which you can find with lots of others in our main Beta Screenshots Gallery. including a boss Unburied, Cain in the dungeon near the meteor hole, a nice look at the boneyard that is the the Jar of Souls event room, a massacre bonus display, the Beta (and game, probably) starting point, and m-o-a-r.

    Anyone with a forum account is permitted and encouraged to upload screenshots to any of our Beta image galleries. More shots of cool item finds and DiabloWikiboss monsters are definitely sought after, as we haven’t seen too many of those yet in the beta.

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