Here’s an achievement I haven’t seen before — a Barbarian landing critical hits for more than one-million damage. More than 1,200,000 damage, actually. How’s it done? The same way everything amazing is done in Diablo III: gear, gear, gear. The video shows the mega damage in action, and then includes a look at every item, plus the Barb’s skills.

    He’s got +strength and/or critical hit damage on every item, and they add up to 2022 strength and +308% critical hit damage. That, with an 1100+ DPS two-handed sword, is the stuff records are made from.

    With those low defensive stats and resistances this build doesn’t seem real viable for Inferno, but it does make some impressively-large yellow numbers. Check it out below and thanks to RPG Guy for the tip.

    Update: Olololadin in comments took a much closer look at the skills being used and provided this detailed break down of the damage generation:

    He actually stacks up 3x DiabloWikiBash for 18% damage increase, followed by DiabloWikiWeapon Throw (DiabloWikiDread Bomb Rune), 3% Weapon Damage * 120 DiabloWikiFury = 360% damage AOE attack, passive skill DiabloWikiBrawler gives another 30% increase, DiabloWikiWrath of the Berserker = 100% increase, DiabloWikiBattle Rage (DiabloWikiMarauder’s Rage Rune) 30% damage

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