How to Score One Million Damage Critical Hits

Here’s an achievement I haven’t seen before — a Barbarian landing critical hits for more than one-million damage. More than 1,200,000 damage, actually. How’s it done? The same way everything amazing is done in Diablo III: gear, gear, gear. The video shows the mega damage in action, and then includes a look at every item, plus the Barb’s skills.

He’s got +strength and/or critical hit damage on every item, and they add up to 2022 strength and +308% critical hit damage. That, with an 1100+ DPS two-handed sword, is the stuff records are made from.

With those low defensive stats and resistances this build doesn’t seem real viable for Inferno, but it does make some impressively-large yellow numbers. Check it out below and thanks to RPG Guy for the tip.

Update: Olololadin in comments took a much closer look at the skills being used and provided this detailed break down of the damage generation:

He actually stacks up 3x DiabloWikiBash for 18% damage increase, followed by DiabloWikiWeapon Throw (DiabloWikiDread Bomb Rune), 3% Weapon Damage * 120 DiabloWikiFury = 360% damage AOE attack, passive skill DiabloWikiBrawler gives another 30% increase, DiabloWikiWrath of the Berserker = 100% increase, DiabloWikiBattle Rage (DiabloWikiMarauder’s Rage Rune) 30% damage

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    25 thoughts on “How to Score One Million Damage Critical Hits

    1. This must be hell difficulty with 50 all ress he will get ass kicked in act 2 inferno by 2 normal mobs.

      • “this isn’t inferno viable”
        If anything it’s perfectly inferno viable.  stacking 800+ resists and still getting hit for 40k at a time by whites means that no amount of defensive gear will help you.
        Having massive burst dps that lets YOU 1-3 shot mobs = you winning.

        • Except, you know. With this little defense, he will get one shot’d by literally everything that moves.

          Probably not healthy for one’s mentality. 

    2. Obviously both of the posters above missed the point of the article. As Flux stated this build is not viable for inferno, but was instead created to break some records.

    3. He actually stacks up 3x bash for 18% damage increase, followed by Weapon Throw (Dread Bomb Rune), 3% Weapon Damage * 120 Fury = 360% damage AOE attack, passive skill Brawler gives another 30% increase, Wrath of the Berserker = 100% increase, Battle Rage (Marauders Rage Rune) 30% damage

        • Because Frenzy[Maniac] only buffs itself – not all other skills
          P.S. Weapon damage = 3% * 110 Fury (10 Fury goes for using this skill) = 330% AoE

    4. Wow, bored Flux, aren’t we? This is the third piece of “look big numbers” posted in what, 3 days? Is this your subtile way of insinuating that the game is pretty shallow with little actual news pieces to bring forth?

      • Are you lurking on this site in hopes that anyone will agree with your “game is shit”?

        I mean, nothing wrong with your opinion, but why such snap on a moderately-interesting fact? If you want people to agree with you, write an articale and send it to Flux… With such arguments and dedication, I think he will publish it.

        • Actually, I offered about half a year ago to start writing about PvP for the site, but Blizzard decided that the #1 factor in player retention wasn’t important to include in a game. While you get upset at deeply sarcastic comments, I’ll keep on writing for other websites. Like, right now.

          • This isn’t an MMO, it doesn’t have a monthly fee, so blizzard doesn’t care about player retention – they’ve already gotten your money. In fact, the less people on the servers, the less strain it’ll be on them and the less they’ll have to bother with costs for server maintenance.

            • Except the more people that stay the more people that will use the RMAH. Ah, but who are we kidding blizzard is a company of angels.

            • The AH is already pretty messed up due to gear that never gets destroyed and no bind on equip or somesuch (except by vendoring), things just get cheaper and cheaper everyday. I don’t think the RMAH will be that great of a success, except for the hardcore one.

    5. Awsome, and his gear isn’t even close to being perfect 🙂 Cant wait to see even higher crits in the future!

    6. Actually, I am fairly impressed with this. And the guy was cool enough to post his gear.

    7. Clearly, it is not a cleave that does the 1 million damage hit. It is a Dread Bomb that does approximately 460% weapon damage.  

    8. I do not think Flux was implying anything bad with this blog item – if anything, it really was an interesting milestone being above 9,000 – err, I mean, 1,000,000 : )

    9. Hmm interesting to see you can get damage that high.
      In theroy you could get higher. If you swaps in frenzy+manic (4% if if switch with brawler and 20% if switched with cleave) as long as frenzy generation don’t drop to low to pull it off before buffs run out.

        • Frenzy speed bonus does not, the maniac rune should increase overall damage to all skills. Have not tested it but thats what it says.

    10. If it’s not inferno viable.. then who cares?
      Anyone can do this in Hell, do it in inferno where it matters.

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