How to Prepare Diablo 3 Loot for Reaper of Souls

As the previous post said, there’s an always-question from players about what they should prepare Diablo 3 loot for Reaper of Souls. Everyone’s got opinions, and you know what they say about things that everyone has. The only obvious for sure thing is “gain experience for paragon points,” but… what else, man?

So what now? What do should I do to prepare for RoS? I know Paragon leveling is one of them but what else? Are there any particular items to save up etc?
Grimiku: There’s already some great suggestions in this thread on how to prepare for Reaper of Souls, like farming Paragon experience, and stockpiling crafting materials and gold, but some of it depends on what you want to do early on in Reaper of Souls, too. For instance, you might want to consider getting a Hellfire Ring of Strength if you plan on starting a Crusader, and possibly a Cain’s Fate set. Personally, I’ve been doing all of the above, and having a blast while doing it.

Are there any specific crafting materials that are definitely used at level 70 that you can acquire now? I don’t plan on crafting until I hit level 70 and only the highest-tier recipes.
Grimiku: You should definitely hang on to any of the Legendary crafting materials that you find, but for the most part crafting level 70 gear will require materials that are only found in Reaper of Souls. Personally, though, I try to hang on to all of the mats I find since you never know what the future holds.

As the blue said, none of the current crafting materials is used for DiabloWikiend game stuff in RoS. You find a whole higher tier of materials once you start killing level 61+ monsters and salvaging their item drops, which means all the DiabloWikiBrimstones and DiabloWikiEssences and DiabloWikiTears you’ve got now are used for crafting above level 60 in Reaper. You still find the current materials, but they’re only used for level 1-60 activities.

What to do with those mats now? Well, you can use them to gear up your characters with the much-improved D3v2 crafting plans, but realize that all your lvl 60 gear will be quickly obsolete in RoS. The other option is to take advantage of the last few weeks of the Auction House by selling all the crafting mats you can gather while they still hold value. It’s *much* harder to build up gold in RoS than in D3, so I’d advise you to build up some bankroll now while you can easily do so via selling materials and gems.

D3v2 and RoS non-legendary materials

D3v2 and RoS crafting materials

Incidentally, there are some item generation bugs in the game now that occasionally spawn a level 61 blue or yellow item. If you salvage them you will get one of the higher tier materials coming in RoS. I never notice the item level before I salvage it, but every now and then after clearing out my inventory I notice a blue (Arcane Dust) or yellow (Veiled Crystal) sitting there. They’ve got no function now and you’ll quickly amass hundreds of them in RoS, so it’s just a novelty at this point.

The larger issue about RoS preparation is making the transition from current gear to Reaper lvl 70 gear. That’s an interesting question, since the answer is much different today (in the Loot 2.0 version of Diablo 3) than it was 2 or 3 months ago, when RoS beta testers made the transition. You won’t be immediately adding 300 vit in half a dozen item slots, for instance, since most good armor now has 200/200 stats, rather than the 140/80 type mainstat/vit we saw in D3 before version 2. More on that topic later, as Reaper of Souls approaches.


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  1. I haven’t done a single thing except just play and have fun.

    No abusing X exp/drop run, no buying up or selling of gold/gems etc.
    I’m nearing 2 mil gold and thats the most I’ve ever had. 🙂

  2. My plan is pretty simple – farm paragon levels on Torment III until RoS releases. Once it comes out, time to swïtch to normal difficulty, rush the Act V and Adventure mode all the way.

  3. I found an Adventurer’s Journal today, which I thought was a bug like the level 61 stuff. But given the way Grimiku talks about saving legendary crafting mats, I guess not.

    I’m aiming for P100 (or should it be P104?) before RoS, which I figure will give me maximum movement speed when combined with +12% boots. And farming keys, though I haven’t decided which ring to get. +STR for Crusader does sound like a good idea.

  4. I’m finding low level items with +elemental dmg that are lasting well past 60. If my bracers have +10% fire dmg and I use all fire skills, I would need to find bracers with at least +11% regular damage to make it an upgrade. That doesn’t happen very often.

  5. Does the paragon movement speed exceed the 24% hardcap or does it just free up stat slots for other things?

  6. QUOTE

    Does the paragon movement speed exceed the 24% hardcap or does it just free up stat slots for other things?

    It frees up slots, useful since ms is a primary.

    • But what can you replace that with? %life, res all, regen and LoH? Those are so easy to get almost everywhere else. There needs to be more interesting stuff to roll on boots, well, on almost everything.

  7. I’m not trying to make a joke here. Why does one of the level 70 crafting materials resemble a diagram of sperm fertilizing an egg?

    The bottom right-most one on the image. It has all those white waves coming off of it. Wtf.

  8. QUOTE

    But what can you replace that with? %life, res all, regen and LoH? Those are so easy to get almost everywhere else. There needs to be more interesting stuff to roll on boots, well, on almost everything.

    For boots? Prime stat, vit, a skill bonus, and I dunno, armor or something (don’t laugh, base armor values got nerfed a lot and that will cut into your survivability).

    Outside of boots it means you don’t necessarily need one of the various “has ms, otherwise kind of sucks” legendaries.

  9. so all the crusader stats are just basically based off the barbarian stats, AR, vit, Str, LPH

    • I think the main difference is that they don’t have the “30% reduced damage” feature like barbs and monks and need to rely on that shield. He’s a mid-range caster now.

      Crusaders are caster “barbs” with shiels, without 30% Damage reduction. If we had crusaders at lvl 60, crusader will need 1mi toughness to look like a 800k toughness shieldless barb, shield factored in. And they only have 1 mov. skill and a penalty from passive… A caster with less mobility means you probably will need that block that barbs can ignore. Devs assume you will have decent block when they throw monsters at your crusader.

      Imo, barb and crusader are more different than DH and current wizards (some wizards, not all of them – and dodge still is bad compared to wizard’s extra AR) – in the end of the day you’re a long range caster that have to worry about positioning on T3 and above. Stuff on T1/2 pretty much dies to Arcane orb or Elemental Arrow. Wizards are Wizard Hunters now (except they seem to kill faster). 🙂

      • This honestly makes me think the crusader was poorly thought out. They were marketed as a tank, wearing the heaviest armors and shields, slowed down so they could use a two handed weapon in one hand…then they turn out to be generally squishier than the monk or barb? They claim they don’t get the 30% because they are mid-range but I’ve seen plenty of mid-range barbs in the beta that played excellently and still got the benefit of 30%. Honestly the crusader as it currently stands looks terrible in my opinion. It might not be terrible, it just looks terrible to me.

  10. “… which means all the Brimstones and Essences and Tears you’ve got now are used for crafting above level 60 in Reaper.”

    Ummm… you meant to say “are NOT used for…”?

  11. So far I have found the new Tal chest, helm, and ammy, along with the new zuni boots. ALL upgrades and I was capable of MP10 before patch with my gear. I don’t see those pieces going anywehere soon… At least not until lvl. 70. So I think that in addition to getting your paragon up, there are some great items to be found out there to give you a nice edge is RoS.

  12. Question(s): Is Common Debris used in level 61+ crafting? Is there a level 61+ equivalent to Common Debris (ie, salvaging whites/greys 61+)?

  13. I’ve seen some griswald brimestone drop as well as journals that I am guessing are 61+ legend crafting material.

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