Bet that headline perked you up, eh? The time has not come yet, alas, but Bashiok did reply to a question about how one goes about entering Blizzard betas.

    Right, so the most consistent method is going to be to opt-in through Battle.net.

    There’s actually still a guide available for StarCraft II, and much of the info is still accurate for the process to opt-in for the Diablo III beta.

    Aside from the normal opt-in there will undoubtedly be contests and promotions, such as the keys given away at BlizzCon. As we have info about additional ways you could potentially get a beta key we’ll of course let you know.

    You can find much, much more info about this topic on the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Beta page in the wiki. One key point is that in order to be selected by Blizzard, you must create a beta profile on your B.net Account.

    As for the SC2 beta, there were literally dozens of ways to enter, with gaming sites, fansites, merchandise partners, pre-order deals all offering possible ways in. Look at the beta center page from our sister SC2 site and scroll down to the “How to Get a Beta Key” section for a massive list. We’ll be compiling just such a page for the Diablo III beta when the time comes, with the aim of getting as many of you guys as possible into the test.

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