How much would you pay for the Diablo 3 Necromancer Pack

diablo necromancerNow that all the BlizzCon fuss has died down it’s time to look ahead to the next major piece of content for Diablo 3, the Necromancer Pack.

We know roughly what’s in the pack, the Necromancer class, two character slots, two stash tabs on PC, cosmetic goodies (pets portrait frames etc). This is the first time Blizzard has released content for Diablo 3 in this way and it’s hard to gauge its value to the players. The content is only worth what a player is willing to pay for it.

Most Diablo 3 players will be interested in the Necromancer and stash tabs but cosmetic items are really just a bonus. What’s it worth to you?

How much would you pay for the new Necroncer Pack?

  • $5 -10 $USD (37%, 2,016 Votes)
  • $10 - $15 USD (24%, 1,338 Votes)
  • Not interested in the Necro Pack (17%, 951 Votes)
  • $15 - $20 USD (12%, 644 Votes)
  • I will pay anything they want (6%, 333 Votes)
  • $20 - £25 USD (4%, 198 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,480

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Now that you’ve done that it’s time to look over the results of our last poll which asked how you felt about the BlizzCon announcement. It’s not great reading for Blizzard with 60% of you disappointed with what was shown.

  • Very disappointed (60%)
  • I am not sure. Will wait and see (24%)
  • I am happy with what is planned (16%)
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  1. Diablo is my favorite franchise. I want to support the development by whatever means! So I picked $15-20.

    I dont think $5-$15 is reasonable.. thats what a hero cost in heroes of the storm… and they only have 3 basic abilities and a few VO’s.

    • Meanwhile Sombra for overwatch is free (I think? I don’t really play overwatch).

      Apples and oranges. They need to keep the price proportionate to that of RoS and it’s content, not proportionate to other games with different business models.

      • Overwatch has microtransaction, Diablo hasn’t (well no in the west). They can’t give everything for free for a game which is not making any money, Overwatch can make money without selling a single copy of the game itself.

        For the topic: I think 15 $/€ would be a fair price for a game DLC which didn’t got paid content for over two and a half years now.

        • Whereas from my point of view paying ~35-40% of the price of a full game (typically £30-£35, $15 = ~£12) would be massively overpriced. If all we’re getting is 1 character & some other crap, ~1/5 of a full game wouldn’t be unreasonable, which would put it at ~£5. Especially since there won’t be 4 more acts.

          • The way I look at it, is if it is part of an expansion. An expansion would also have 1 more act and some new game mechanics (like the entrantress and rifts) so that is at least 1/3 of $40
            Then you factor in the stash and cosmetic items, and $20 isn’t unreasonable.

    • Heroes in HotS are very overpriced. I’m not sure what the price is for champions in LoL, but I believe HotS is more expensive both in terms of free currency and real money.

      I think a new character is very little work and shouldn’t cost much for consumers. $10 is the upper end, but $5 is very reasonable. Anything above $10…I will probably pay, but I will be disappointed (especially when they said there will only be 1 set for necros when they launch).

      • I just wanted to point out that a new character is an incredible amount of work – and each one becomes more work the bigger the existing roster is. More existing characters = more potential bugs from character interaction, as well as more desire to “push the envelope” and create new types of characters that require new tech that in turn can introduce more bugs and complications.

        I agree with everything else you said though. But, being a programmer, and also having visited the Riot campus several times (have a buddy who works there) I just wanted to point out that programming tasks always end up being way more work than you wanted them to be 😉

      • clearly a soul that does not know how long it takes to make a char , animate it , give it spells , guns , whatever

        Try it , then you’ll take otherwise !
        stupid kids and there its easy shit , BAH ….

        if you don’t know anything about it — STFU

        • What do you know about game development? Have you ever textured a model? Textured a map? Built a map? Like, creating brushes and applying texture to them? Have you ever tried painting your own textures? For maps AND models? How about applying triggers and events to brushes? Have you ever worked with environmental lighting? Ever need to apply NOCLIP and NODRAW? Why would you need to apply those anyway? Have you ever worked with sprites? What do you know about game development?

          • Chill bruh. You know they’re not building a new game with the necro pack…… right?
            I already paid for all that jazz.

            I won’t push out more than $10 for a character and a map. There’s enough of us that still play and enjoy Diablo 3 for them not to charge any more than that. They’ll get plenty of buyers for $10.
            Because let’s be serious here, that’s definitely no where close to what we’re getting
            Diablo 3 is still going to be Diablo 3, just with 100% more necromancer. A new character isn’t changing the game, and because of that it’s rated as low-cost DLC.
            So why should we pay more, simply because they ask for it?
            It’s not worth it for a lot of people.
            “Well then don’t buy it!” you say?
            No, we won’t. But let’s hope Blizzard doesn’t share that same attitude and understand what market Diablo 3 is sitting in. They might think it’s the best game, but wallets speak louder than words.

  2. It’s seems to me that even those who don’t want to play the necro would still want the extra stash space & char slots. Especially those who play HC

  3. I think this poll would make more sense with “up to” amounts, so that’s what I took it as.

    I’d pay up to $15 max, but would of course prefer $5-10.

  4. I’ll pay whatever, even if it’s to pad their coffers. Reason mostly that there won’t be any Diablo4 for a long, long time and I’ve invested hundreds of hours in D3.

  5. Seeing how ROS is $19.99, and that includes a new act. I think $15 would be pricey compared to that. I expect $10 bucks, and would gladly pay it for stash space and the best Diablo class of the franchise.

    • My thoughts as well, though I’d consider RoS as overpriced judging by the amount of content contained.
      The original release of D3 contained packaging, tech/engine development, cinematics, music, translation/localization, interface, 5 classes, around 80 creatures, dozens of npcs, zones/dungeons for 3.5 acts, item system, new achievement/crafting/AH/… systems, all-encompassing meticulous balancing/test…errr … All this was offered as a brand new product at ~$60 in 2012 — just to put the price for a digital release of 1 extra class into perspective.

    • ROS was $39.99 at release, you can’t compare a new class price to the price of an expansion that has been out for over 2 years.

  6. preordered Reaper of Souls just because I was so freaking excited for the Crusader class — it looked so amazing and fun

    downloaded and started the game immediately after it came out

    after an hour — “well, this is kind of boring, maybe it will get better after I reach higher levels”
    after a week — “well, that’s it for me”

    haven’t played since

    I’ll spend $10 on the Necro — no more

    • I’ve never played a Barbarian or Crusader. Only played a Monk up to level 10 or so, and got into Act 2 with the Witchdoctor. DH and Wizard were my mains.

  7. $20. I mean, that’s the price of a t-shirt and this will last longer.

  8. Diablo community: WE DEMAND NECROMANCER! BLizzard: OK! here’s the necromancer! Diablo Community: WE ARE DISAPPOINTED IN BEING GIVEN THE NECROMANCER! God, you people….

    • I’m not sure how many people wanted a necro, but I’m not one of them. Even if I did, I’d still pick d4 or expansion > necro

      • The fact of the matter is, the game isn’t pulling in much revenue to warrant another expansion. This Necromancer may facilitate another expansion with the revenue from it being released. Think ahead…..

  9. I’ll pay whatever, but I’m guessing it will be in the $15-$20 range.

  10. Poll wording is not chosen properly I say. Better would have been “How much do you expect the expansion to be” or “What will you pay for it”

    I will pay what I they ask for it since I expect to get a few/several hunderd hours out of the Necromancer alone already so valuewise it will be fine, but I expect a certain price aswell.

  11. Where is the alternative “Interested, but will not pay for it”… I refuse to pay for content that they promised at release to be delivered for free. Why couldn’t they have chosen to go the same path as Overwatch? Every new character is free of charge but cosmetics etc You can buy with cash if You want to.
    Nope. If the Necromancer was free, I would return to Diablo but… nope. I’m out.

    • Sounds very much like a disgruntled kid that won’t get the money from mommey to buy him. 😛

      Seriously though, please learn something about business and life before you make such silly statements.
      Overwatch has a massive playerbase which support the game with lootboxes. Diablo does not have such a thing. They cannot go the same route. Also Blizzard has already been supporting Diablo 3 for years with loads of free content. I suggest looking it up and be amazing at how much more Blizzard does then other companies.

      And Blizzard believe it or not wants to earn money… not just keep spending it for forever.
      And yes they need to earn money and actually make a profit to invest in future titles, engines, e-sport.

      Also when did Blizzard promise to release the Necromancer as a free extra hero class

      • I’m not seeking any sympathy.
        My Mom’s been dead for 38 years. Don’t think that I am unique in having lost over 95% of the value in my retirement and IRA accounts in the crash, nor am I unique in being forced into bankruptcy by Big Medicine. After food, lodging, Medicare premiums, prescriptions, and ISP fees, my disposable income is under 40USD a month. So I would have checked the “I’m interested, but I’m passing on the Necro and cache space” button.

        My biggest disappointment is the lack of more than one tab in the second cache. I do understand the need to constantly inflate the performance level required in a season in order to add a tab to offer something to the 1200+ paragons (in a SINGLE season) folks, but that makes it clear that I should give up on seasons, at least for storage. At least dropping the idea of a new character type each season and sticking to one or two keep-for-an-Era mains will make me think I have more storage space ;-).

  12. “How much would you pay for the new Necroncer Pack?”

    Thumbs up for any kind of creative effort, though I’d stick to “Necro” as their pet name. 😉

  13. Calling it right now, $19.99 will be the price of the necro pack. $40 for RoS… well I basically got that for free thanks to the RMAH, so my perspective is skewed on that one. $60 for the original game was fine, I knew I’d play it for hundreds upon hundreds of hours.

    So will I buy the necro pack for 20 bucks? Meh, for $15 I wouldn’t hesitate. For 20 I’ll be a bit more critical. I might wait to see some reviews that show me all the skills, items, and such things.

  14. I don’t think I want a Necroncer.

    As far as Necromancer, 5, 10 bucks max. Anything more than that is overpriced.

  15. Maybe a few bucks for exstra stash, I will not play Necro and think it would have better to use manpower, money for D4 or decent expansion imo waste of time and money

  16. Honestly, I’m only interested in the Nekro Class itself and I really hope there will be an option to buy it separately, because I’d hate to have to pay 10+$ where over half of what I’m paying for is worthless to me…
    I don’t care for the aesthetics, or the slots or the tabs… all I want is the new class, and I want to pay only for that. Best option would ofc be to give the option of buying the class on its own and a pack that gives you the rest of the goodies.
    I’m not saying the bonuses are bad, it’s just I don’t want them, and I don’t want to be made to pay for them simply becuase I can’t get the new class otherwise.

  17. its about time the necromancer is back.

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