How Much Data Up/Down Does D3 Use?

One of our forum regulars, Glass, used Rubbernet to measure how much data he was sending and receiving while playing the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Beta. The program gave him precise measurements of how much bandwidth the game uses, and in his forum post, Glass shares the results.

The verdict? Surprisingly little data is exchanged during play, even during a four-player game. Much less than you’d use doing almost anything else online, including checking email or surfing.

Check Glass’ thread for additional screen caps that show the exact stats. This seems like good news for players with slow connections or a limited bandwidth allotment. Especially since just playing single player is not an option with Diablo III.

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22 thoughts on “How Much Data Up/Down Does D3 Use?

  1. What I’m wondering is, will there be latency issues in single player? Two examples:

    I’m in South America playing on North American servers. Can I expect a standard 150ms+ ping due to the server distance?
    If my flatmates are streaming something and choke our bandwidth, should I expect lag spikes in Diablo?

    I understand this would be the case in Multiplayer, but if the answer to the above is anything other than NO for Singleplayer, I would be extremely disappointed.
    Can anyone with beta access confirm or deny this? Is there even a latency meter in game for SP/MP? Thanks!

    • Everything (SP, MP) is server side, so yes – you might lag a little.
      captcha “dog eat dog” … wtf?

    • Bandwidth usage and latency are two different things.

      Can you expect 150ms (which is latency) due to server distance? yes
      If your flatmates are streaming something and choke your bandwidth? Yes.

      Bandwidth = how much data can fit in the channel
      latency = how long it takes 1 packet to reach a destination 

      Since this is all online all the time I am sorry this could “potentially” happen in singleplayer. Most of the time though (since it uses such little bandwidth) you wont notice (unless your ping is high).

      • Thanks for the detailed and saddening response! I can just hope they open some South American servers (highly doubtful upon release) and I guess I’ll have to upgrade our internets as well, so flatmates have a lower chance of choking it.

        • Well they have servers in SA already for Sc2, but they are used to connect SA users to the NA game region. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a similar situation for D3…

  2. do you guys think that diablo 3 will be like Wow i mean ull have to pay monthly to play it since it is only online ?!

  3. I call BS. I’m on satellite and I can create proof that this is otherwise through simple browsing or other measures.

    • I don’t follow. Are you saying I made this up, Rubbernet is reporting inaccurate information or…?

      • The second time RisingRed has been called out in one week over a news posts nice.  He told me God of War 3 wasn’t very hard and is looking forward to Diablo for a challenge.  Yeah his logic is off, hehe.

  4. Really, anyone who thought that it would require a lot of bandwidth shouldn’t be making predictions.  It was long obvious to anyone who knows about software that Diablo 3 will be much like its predecessor, if not better, with regards to bandwidth.  D2 ran with little trouble on dial-up, why would anyone have concerns about D3?  Even the latency issue was blasted weeks ago with indications that there is some effort in correcting for it as well.  Online only is nothing to fear even for those with poor connections.  We aren’t living in the early years of the internet any longer.

    • Well I won’t jump to any conclusions until I try it (gief beta nau!), but for us that are not living close to servers and playing on 150ms+ latency, there is definitely a difference between a delayed click (even if it be delayed by an eighth of a second) and that clean crisp nolag click you get in single player games. If you’ve ever played WOW or LOL with a ping of 200, you know what I’m talking about.

      • I’ve played WoW on the worst of days, and I can’t recall pings less than about 500 ms ever giving me any trouble, but that may just be sufficient experience to compensate.

  5. This isn’t really surprising at all. Online gaming simply doesn’t use much bandwidth (if it’s written properly).

    I’ve previously found estimates on the internet that WoW uses 10 mb/hour.

    Probably the thing that uses the most bandwidth in games is people chatting to each other.

  6. These finding are not accurate unless you have already ran throught the entire beta. I just got into beta on Wed. and I can tell you I am using up mb with the quickness..and thats on a 4g mobile modem. I completed the download before playing but I have used up 200mb and havnt done all that much. Thats on single player.

  7. For those who are worried about using your download speed while playing the game it will make it run laggy.  For example when i was in the beta today i was downloading something at 700KB/s and had about 150KB/s free and still it was lagging like a mofo.  Regarding the people who are worried about playing it in Australia, i barely notice any lag if any really i have a good connection and get about 200ms.  Lord knows what i will get when it gets released but for now its ok.  I think i will be really pissed and give up on blizzard if they decide to release diablo 3 on console with single player offline option.  Anyway im rambling hehe loving the beta atm tbh.

  8. @steveman0
    or sufficient inexperience. 500 ms was horrible in wow. Anything about 200 ms imo was unplayable.
    You can work around it, but nothing competitive for high level raiding and/or arena play.

  9. Ok … that relieves on one part of the equation. So basically I can still play, if I’m hitting the 5 GB of data per month barrier and am reduced to GPRS-speed (theoretically 8,0kB/s, practically max. 6,3 kB/s). Still the question stands, if the game is playable accounting the latency of my connection… (Seldom good times, mostly between 3AM and 6AM, up to 150ms; normally around 400 ms; with, some hours lasting, drops to around 650ms) … so thx to Glass for his contribution! And to anyone else playing the beta: Please take a look at your latency any time you redeem the game unplayable, especially when just playing solo… *makespleadingcatface*

  10. Is there an in-game measurement for ping?  I can try proxy the game to see how it works out, but without an in-game reading it is only a ‘feel’ result, rather than empirical.

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