A fan looked at the #1 leaderboard spots for all classes in solo Grifts in softcore Season 3 Americas, and posted the total experience and time played so far this season. The results are somewhat disturbing, though probably not surprising, with incredible hours devoted to video game time by all the contestants.

    Thanks to Heisenberg for this catalog of How Many Hours Played to Top the Leaderboards:

    Rank #1 Barb – Tonydihn GR60

  • Paragon 991
  • Averaging ~14.4b XP/hour
  • Averaging 13 hours PER DAY since S3 started
  • Rank #1 Crusader – Hades GR61

  • Paragon 1041
  • Averaging ~21b XP/hour
  • Averaging 11.1 hours PER DAY since S3 started
  • Rank #1 Demon Hunter – balaM GR62

  • Paragon 978
  • Averaging ~13.2b XP/hour
  • Averaging 13.3 hours PER DAY since S3 started
  • Rank #1 Monk – Scrapz GR62

  • Paragon 1086
  • Averaging ~21.5b XP/hour
  • Averaging 13.1 hours PER DAY since S3 started
  • cosplay-too-much-gaming
    Rank #1 Witch Doctor – Karib GR59

  • Paragon 951
  • Averaging ~15.2b XP/hour
  • Averaging 10.1 hours PER DAY since S3 started
  • Rank #1 Wizard- Necro GR63

  • Paragon 905
  • Averaging ~6b XP/hour
  • Averaging 19.8 hours PER DAY since S3 started
  • The average is their total exp divided by the hours “played,” and many accusations of account sharing or botting have been made. Some of which are probably true, but the game doesn’t measure time you spent actually killing monsters; just the time you spent in an actual game, and everyone knows someone who always seems to be online, but is usually AFK. (Macro to just keep moving around town to keep from being auto-logged out?)

    That said, it’s interesting to note that the Crusader, Monk, and Witch Doctor have the highest exp per hour despite those classes coming in well behind the DH/Barb/Wiz in overall solo Grift clear rankings. Of course you can’t so quickly reach those crazy-high Paragon levels playing solo, and as we’ve seen debated much of late, zDPS / support classes can level up much faster than DPS classes, since they can equip the sort of +EXP% gear that damage-dealing chars can’t, at least not in very high GRifts where the mega-EXP is gained.

    Thoughts on this? I think we all knew that some people play the game an insane number of hours per day, but seeing it math’ed out, with 10+ hours per day, every day for 1.5 months since Season 3 started is crazy. How many of you guys have even had a *single* day of 10+ hours this season? Other than maybe the first weekend?

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