How Many Hours of Diablo 3 Have you Played?

An interesting thread has recently appeared in the general D3 forum from fmulder in which he is polling members on the number of hours they’ve played.

I’ve often asked myself (usually when reading complaints about d3) how many gaming hours can you reasonably expect from a PvE game costing (£40/$50/€40) including end game content. There are definitely people lambasting d3 who have clearly clocked up triple digits but duly expect, well demand really, many more. At what point have you had your money’s worth?

The majority of people who have taken part in the poll have clocked up 500 – 1000 and even though there’s a huge difference between those 2 figures 500 hours I would say is good value. There are a couple of people who have even tipped over the 1000 hours mark. That’s pretty hardcore. But, select your own figure and see where you end up.

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35 thoughts on “How Many Hours of Diablo 3 Have you Played?

    • I see this hours played argument used by apologist fanboys on the official forums a lot. In reality the length of time one does something does not equate to it being worth more or being more enjoyable.

      By their logic having sex with my girlfriend for 30 minutes is less entertainment than me farming Diablo 3 for 5 hours just because farming Diablo lasts longer.

      I compare Diablo3 to a heroin addiction in all the bad ways possible:

      That first hit satisfies you and gives you an incredible rush, just like leveling your new character to 60 did and getting your first good/epic items. After that every hit gets progressively and immensely less enjoyable and you start suffering the pains of withdrawal, realizing how hollow and empty the end game grind is, farming more and more to see if it gets any better or hoping to get a good item drop to get that initial rush you felt, but it never comes back.

      Then comes the realization that the game brings you no enjoyment anymore so many turn to the RMAH, just like that heroin addict turns to shooting the drug up in their veins. After you’ve done that and equipped yourself with all kinds of paid gear you return to the same hollow empty feeling continuing ad nauseam in a never ending cycle looking for something that isn’t there.

      Add to that all of the things outside of the game that have soured the experience for many. Hundreds of hours of forced downtime due to either maintenance or server connection errors, terrible lag causing deaths wasting time and not being able to escape them even if you played solo.

      I could go on and on but I think you get the picture.

      • I would also add another factor that contributed to souring the experience: All of the content that was removed from the game.

        Having seen it in previews form the developers and for some having played it in beta (like arena pvp) then have them taken away diminishes the enjoyment one gets playing the game because you are constantly reminded that the game in essentially INCOMPLETE. The more you play the game the more you realize how those missing systems fit and how much better the game would be had they no been removed.

        Imagine if we had access to the mystic and the dozens of enchanting recipes it had.
        Imagine if the jeweler had all of the 8 original gems, socketing recipe, and ring and amulet crafting.
        Imagine if charms and the Talisman system were in from the start.
        Imagine if dueling had been available from the start

        • So you are addicted to a game and blame the … developer?

          You are of course right that most comparisons are stupid … like the sex one you gave. But if you compare it inside the entertainment industry? Versus a movie? Versus a book? Especially movies fit quite well … produced for several million dollars over a couple of years, marketed by showing small tidbits, that are nearly 100% of the time cut together in the way that lets the movie seem the most interesting/funny/scary (whatever the genre is) and you have to pay to see if the final product lives up to your expectations or not.

          Now movie prices differ a lot, but even when compared with the most expensive cinemas … I can only shake my head when people are bringing the argument that they did not get their moneys worth that played the game through once. I simply cannot follow that demand, as I fail to see other examples that give nearly as much entertainment per dollar per hour as video games. And Diablo 3 is on the top of the scale regarding games (as most games become shorter and more like movies (Shooters, biggest genre in the market, and you can be happy if the story lasts 10 hours, and still that can be awesome 10 hours).

          Just because u are reading your favorite book ten times a year (or watch your favorite movie) doesn’t mean that every other book that you only read once is terrible in comparison, if you enjoyed that read.

          • But is this what Diablo 3 set out to be, though ? A run-of-the-mill, three-playthroughs game ? Is this what Diablo 2 was and still is ? I can precisely remember Wilson saying “ten years from now, when people will be playing Diablo 3…” and Bashiok saying “we’re here for the long haul” etc, etc.

            I did play around 100 hours, but I wouldn’t call “addiction” the compulsion that drove me to play this much. Rather it was the constant search for the real Diablo feeling, the hope that the game would get better. It didn’t, so I gave up.

            Now, regarding the entertainment/dollar ratio, an issue that was never discussed with Diablo 2, because the game was fun on its own terms and no one ever thought of quantifying the fun you had playing it (this argument is rather a testament to the poor quality of Diablo 3, not to its merits). There are countless free MMOs played by countless people, for countless hours. Surely, they must be a whole lot better than Diablo 3, even if I play them for 5 hours, since the entertainment/dollar ratio trumps that of Diablo 3.
            Under these circumstances, you would have no right to say they are crap, you did get “your no money’s worth”, as it were.

            If you assess Diablo 3 in terms of fun/dollar, like any other means of entertainment on the market, then it follows that it’s nothing but a regular, mediocre game. And herein lies the issue: it was not supposed to be that. It was supposed to have stood on the shoulders of the giant called Diablo 2 and better it in any and every way possible. What’s more, if this ad nauseam touted ratio had been the strong argument in the case of Diablo 2, this site and many others would not have lasted 11 years. By Blizzard’s own admission and history, fun in Diablo should be measured in years-period-, not in fun/dollar. Sadly and obviously, this is not the case here. For me, at least.

          • Valid point(s). The time/dollar argument may also come up so often because of who plays Diablo 3. You are absolutely right in saying that it wasn’t brought up in Diablo 2 so often (at least not in the tiny space of news that I had access to about the game), but that was also because Diablo 2 was released 12 years ago, where I was a student and had all the time in the world (but no money ^^).

            While I still enjoy Diablo III, I play it less than I played Diablo 2 around that time after release. But the same is true for all other games – I simply don’t have the time to play games so excessive anymore, with job and family and all. So obviously, the way how I valuate games and the things that I value about them has changed and nowadays where I have money, but less time, the time/dollar argument sounds very valid to me.

            And that is with nearly 500 hours played … which is an insane number to most of the people I know (even counting those that play games at all).

            Anyway, long story short – I see the truth in your arguments, but have to say that priorities shift over time (at least for me) and therefore (again, for me at least), Diablo III holds true to the promises made by the Devs for now, probably because I devour content nowadays way slower than 12 years ago and actually have no problem waiting for feature-patches etc. 🙂

      • I really wish there was thumbs up and thumbs down options. It really saddens me to see 6 likes on this ridiculously illogical comment. I can only hope that there would be 3 times as many thumbs downs if that was an option. I know it would have 1.

      • That makes no sense whatsoever.

        The argument isn’t, “it lasted 500 hours and that in and of itself makes it fun.”

        I think the argument is more like, “If you got 500 hours worth of fun out of it for $60 then didn’t you get your money’s worth, even if you decide you’re bored and you stop playing? Is it really reasonable to complain that the game didn’t last more than 500 hours?”

        I would also add that I’d say anyone who played D3 for hundreds of hours but still complains that it “sucks” — which seems to be a not-uncommon pattern — either don’t really think it sucks, or is a terrible masochist. Because who voluntarily does something that they think sucks for hundreds of hours?

      • “By their logic having sex with my girlfriend for 30 minutes is less entertainment than me farming Diablo 3 for 5 hours just because farming Diablo lasts longer.”

        I’ve had sex with your girlfriend
        trust me, D3 IS more entertaining

        ha ha just kidding
        your girlfriend is much more entertaining 🙂

  1. That’s pretty interesting. Can’t put too much stock in those numbers though as the group of gamers who frequent these forums and would participate in a poll can’t be representative of the D3 playerbase. I would assume that overall the people who would be exposed to that poll would tend to be more “hardcore” gamers than the average player. I for 1 definitely fit into that 500-1000 hour mark. Probably got half way to that 500 mark during the D3 beta.

    captcha: plenty of time – Thought that was funny

  2. Me and all my friends quit this game shortly after release because it’s nothing like diablo 2, which we all loved, but my grandmother has logged about 1000 hours.

  3. I don`t want to know how many hours I spend playing diablo. And I think games should never say the number of hours you spend playing.
    What society thinks is spending a good time (like working, being with friends, being with your loved one etc..) still influence my sub-conscience.

  4. I’m over 1100 hours and still have a full time job and married, but I reckon at least 20% of those hours are AFK. I still love it..despite its shortcomings, and still believe they have made it a much better game since launch and will continue to improve it.

    That Echoing Fury that sold privately for 7500 euros last week still pushes me on 🙂

  5. Why did you have to post this??? I have been intentionally – intentionally – NOT checking the hours played because I am a little embarrassed to have spent what I now know was over three weeks of 2012 playing a single video game.

    • Yep, it’s like when you buy a massive bag of crisps and a little later notice there are only a few left at the bottom and wonder where on earth they all went, as you brush the crumbs off your shirt.

  6. Eh… 600ish?

    I don’t regret the purchase by any means. But… I will take a close look at the expansion to see if it’ll be worth the money. Blizzard’s promised and failed to deliver stuff for all 3 of their franchises lately, so I won’t be buying “coming soon!”

    In short, buy what exists, not promises.

  7. Over 600. ~150 with my WDs, ~150 with my barbs and around 100 hrs with the other 3 classes (did a few runs with 1 monk and 1 DH and died a lot with wizards).

  8. Every time this question comes up I make the same general response. It isn’t about the amount of time, it is about the quality of the time. I’m an adult and that means I don’t have 10 hours a day to play games. I’m still a pretty major gamer though so that means I have a backlog of games that I’d like to play. There are more than I have time for.

    What I value is the most entertainment for the time invested. A long drawn out boring game is only keeping me away from more fun games for longer. This isn’t what I want from a game.

    I always like to reference Star Wars the Force Unleased (and the sequel!) as they are a perfect demonstration of this point. Either game takes at most 20 hours to beat but from the moment you turn it on until you finish the game is just 100% awesome in digital form. I don’t care that the game only lasted 20 hours because it was still among the most fun I’ve ever had playing a video game. Every moment of those games was more memorable than anything I did in D3.

  9. I reached 1k~ hours last year and also the One Percent Achievement at the end of 2012(100m pickup gold somehow a more appropriate “measurement” of actual gameplay), i cant say im that HC player because i only played that much lately because of the holidays and vacation. On a regular working weekdays, i only played around 2-5 hours, and probably around 6-12 hours on weekends. I guess if i compare it to those times(D2 days) when i was not working and pretty much doing nothing but play>sleep>eat>play, i probably consumed around 10-15 hrs a day of gaming session, and i can say that is HARDCORE XD I missed those times, especially im much younger and had better eyes back then.

  10. When I purchased Diablo 3, I did not think to myself, “Okay, now if I log the equivalent of $60 worth of entertainment in this game, I will be satisfied.”

    That’s a close-minded viewpoint.

    A lot of people purchase video games and expect X amount of hours of entertainment, after-which they feel “satisfied” and move on.

    I feel bad that the quality standard for PC games today have reached such a low level.

    Diablo 2 was released more than 12 years ago, yet somehow, it still finds itself installed on every new computer I purchase. I cannot count the number of hours I have logged in that game. The same can be said for other amazing PC games. The hours spent playing does not matter, because time != entertainment.

  11. The short answer: too many.

    Diablo 3 is worth the 60 dollars I paid in the Grand Scheme of Things (especially when you consider that I can play it whenever I want to from now on) but it’s also a disappointing game.

    If Diablo 3 was a movie: YES, it got my ass in the theater, NO it wasn’t very good.

  12. Too many. I am actually quite bored when I play, but I still play. Don’t know why. Waiting for a godly drop? Waiting for them to improve the game?
    Maybe I’m waiting for the David Breivik version of D3, Marvel heroes. That game will probably kill D3 for me.

  13. I don’t even understand how people get over 200 hours, world of warcraft was the game i played the most and in 5 years of playing i got around 400 hours, thats fully geared PVE and PVP on like 3 toons. I have about 65 hours on diablo 3 since release date. i cant even play pvp because everyone is such a fucking nerd, i can kill diablo on inferno but no, thats not good enough for PVP. today i saw somebody with 2000 hours!!!!! how in the fuck can you get that much! the game isnt even a year old!!!people who play that much need a girlfriend and a fucking job! get out of your parents basement!

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