One of Lydon’s many bon mots is voiced while traveling through the bloody levels of King Leoric’s dungeons when the Follower says something like, “Leoric murdered more of his people than most kingdoms have inhabitants.” I always figured that was just hyperbole, but thanks to a bored fan, we now have an actual count of the clickable corpses down there, and it’s an impressive number:

    So, how many dead villagers are there?

    This has cropped up a few times, and I myself started a thread about this sometime last week about the apparent disparity between the number of corpses lying about and the number of homes we see in and about Tristram.

    But seriously, how many dead villagers are there really? What idiot would take the time to actually count them? Well, you need look no further to find your idiot; I am that idiot.
    Your mileage may vary, but I came up with a total of 354

    For the record, I counted them by zone, and I only counted dead villagers that I could search, or villagers that were about to die (such as the dying villagers in the Slaughtered Calf Inn or the Cellar of the Damned). I didn’t bother counting corpses lying about for decoration.
    Grimiku: I think this is rather interesting and am glad you put it together. I didn’t notice the house-to-people ratio in Diablo III right away, but I would say that generally the fantasy genre usually has strange environment-to-actor ratios. As long as you’re enjoying your Tristram census, I wouldn’t worry about how you spend your time in Diablo III. (Though, it might be another story if you did something like a machinima series of CSI-style investigations into each one of their deaths. :P)

    I’ll agree that the counter did a cool thing, but if we’re taking this seriously in terms of the game lore/logic, that tally is a wild underestimate. The OP didn’t include a number of areas (such as the Lyceum) that are full of bodies, and as the OP says, he didn’t include the heaps of bodies that are just decoration. Which is fine, I’m not criticizing his effort or methodology, but if we’re playing along with the game plot/lore/reality, those heaps of bodies are obviously fresh meat as well, and there are hundreds of them, when you include all the heaps of corpses in the dungeons and the wagon and firepit choked with them in town.

    Furthermore… what do you think the zombies are? Walking mud? Scarecrows? Illegal immigrants? They’re villagers as well, just ones who were zombified rather than killed outright. Adding those on as well would put the total well into the thousands, which makes the number of houses in Tristram even more comically inadequate.

    Three caveats: 1) As you see when you enter Cain’s house or Leah’s room at the inn… the houses in Tristram are built with character backpack technology, and are MUCH larger on the inside than on the outside. For all we know, some of the other houses in town are the size of shopping malls inside (and wouldn’t that be logical during a zombie invasion) with room for hundreds of residents. 2) There are lots of other settlements and villages in the area that are not encountered during the gameplay, as you see in lore and NPC dialogues about all the villagers or farmers or settlers leaving or vanishing or dying, etc. 3) Yes, I’m giving this a bit too much thought.

    Click through for the OP’s awesome full itemized tally of bodies by location.

  • Adria’s Hut: 5
  • Old Tristram Road: 7
  • Tristram: 5
  • Cathedral Level 1: 26
  • Cellar of the Damned: 15
  • Slaughtered Calf Inn: 7
  • Khazrah Den: 5
  • Weeping Hollow: 13
  • Cemetery of the Forsaken: 1
  • Cathedral Level 2: 29
  • Cathedral Level 3: 15
  • Cathedral Level 4: 19
  • Royal Crypt: 7
  • Fields of Misery: 18
  • Scavenger s Den Level 1: 17
  • Scavengers Den Level 2: 9
  • Wortham Village/Cliffs: 18
  • Highland Crag: 3
  • Southern Highlands: 9
  • Watchtower Level 1: 22
  • Watchtower Level 2: 9
  • Cave of the Moon Clan Level 1: 18
  • Cave of the Moon Clan Level 2: 12
  • Northern Highlands: 11
  • Leoric’s Hunting Ground: 8
  • Leoric’s Manor Courtyard: 9
  • Leoric’s Manor: 4
  • Halls of Agony Level 1: 9
  • Halls of Agony Level 2: 17
  • Halls of Agony Level 3: 10
  • Highland Passage: 2
  • PS, I realize that “Tristamers” sounds terrible, but what other word could you use? Tristramites? Tristies? Trammers? Tristers? Tristramps?

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