More skill videos, from the Monk this time, demonstrating skillrunes placed in DiabloWikiFists of Thunder which deals Lightning damage and can interrupt enemy attacks, the runes alter both the effects and affects.

    The Monk demos it on Walking Corpses, Skeletal Archers and Serpents. The last video visits a curious vendor in a house in the DiabloWikiFields of Misery that doesn’t appear that often according to Risingred who shot these videos so when it appeared he seized the opportunity to record it.

    The first shows the Monk using DiabloWikiFists of Thunder with an Alabaster rune making it into Lightning Flash which increases dodge chance, stacking up to 8 times.

    Here the monk has placed a Crimson rune in Fists of Thunder making it into Thunderclap which causes a shockwave of lightning damage and the monk to teleport a short distance on first strike.


    Now an Indigo rune in Fists of Thunder makes it into Bounding Light when the third strike will cause lightning to jump to up to 9 nearby targets.


    Finally the Monk pops an Obsidian rune into Fists of Thunder transforming it into Static Charge so these Serpent Magus’ he’s attacking are charged with static for 7 seconds. Charged enemies take 120% weapon damage as Lightning damage when he attacks other nearby enemies with Fists of Thunder.


    In the last video we visit Adenah the Curio Vendor in her House of Curios in the DiabloWikiFields of Misery. There’s a Walking Corpse inside loitering with intent, not sure if he’s part of a story or a randomly generated monster added by Risingred for some flavour.

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