House of Curios and Fists of Thunder Videos

More skill videos, from the Monk this time, demonstrating skillrunes placed in DiabloWikiFists of Thunder which deals Lightning damage and can interrupt enemy attacks, the runes alter both the effects and affects.

The Monk demos it on Walking Corpses, Skeletal Archers and Serpents. The last video visits a curious vendor in a house in the DiabloWikiFields of Misery that doesn’t appear that often according to Risingred who shot these videos so when it appeared he seized the opportunity to record it.

The first shows the Monk using DiabloWikiFists of Thunder with an Alabaster rune making it into Lightning Flash which increases dodge chance, stacking up to 8 times.

Here the monk has placed a Crimson rune in Fists of Thunder making it into Thunderclap which causes a shockwave of lightning damage and the monk to teleport a short distance on first strike.


Now an Indigo rune in Fists of Thunder makes it into Bounding Light when the third strike will cause lightning to jump to up to 9 nearby targets.


Finally the Monk pops an Obsidian rune into Fists of Thunder transforming it into Static Charge so these Serpent Magus’ he’s attacking are charged with static for 7 seconds. Charged enemies take 120% weapon damage as Lightning damage when he attacks other nearby enemies with Fists of Thunder.


In the last video we visit Adenah the Curio Vendor in her House of Curios in the DiabloWikiFields of Misery. There’s a Walking Corpse inside loitering with intent, not sure if he’s part of a story or a randomly generated monster added by Risingred for some flavour.


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  1. I don’t get the monk

    I know a lot of people love the monk and will choose it as their first class, but I don’t see myself ever playing one

    its just looks so boring

    • I like the “feel” of timing different attacks. It’s like the assassin in D2X but entertaining.

    • I’m playing him cause he’s a bald guy w/ a beard who punches things :D!
      Also some of his attacks are BA like dropping a pillar from the heavens to explode in holy energy.

  2. The zombie in the curio vendor place…well. There’s a tweak on that build (not by me) where if a monster can spawn somewhere, it will spawn as a zombie. This is just to notify the programmer that an “adventure” (like an incredibly short mini event; the dev team has called them sub-scenes before) can take place there, I would think. So there may be something that happens when you enter the house in the real game, like a monster spawns and you kill it, saving the vendor or something like that. It’s really hard to say.

  3. where was the “short teleport” on the crimson rune?

  4. Wasnt the Fields of Misery in D3 supposed to be a “Daytime” area? Yellow fields and grass and all, from what I remember. Did they add the day/night cycle to D3 also?

    If so, awesome 🙂

    • As of patch 6, it is now night everywhere except for the Leoric Manor Courtyard. Why the change I could not say but it makes every zone look the same.

  5. Meh… I was hoping for more significant changes in the animation instead of just the usual color changes… oh well… The black lightning looks cool though…

    And for the record, Elly, Fists of Thunder no longer has the chance to interupt attacks… now it just does a knockback on the third hit…

  6. The time between each strike seems like forever, not even close to the advertised “fast-paced” combat.

  7. Question: I’ve seen several videos; some like this one hardly shake at all; whereas others are rocking and rolling with screen shake when strong hits are landed. Is there a way to turn off the shake? Honestly, loving the look of the game, but may have to pass because the earthquaking of the screen does wonders for creating a headache after watching the videos too many times…can only imagine what that will do during hours of gameplay :/

  8. diablo 3 is the poor man titan quest

  9. Elly, Elly, Elly!

    The Witch Doctor called. He’s feeling very left out that you haven’t done his character introduction video as you have for all the other classes as of yet.

    Just passing on the message! 😉 x

  10. 🙁 That’s cool… But why can’t we see Witch Doctor’s runed skills ??? Can’t wait for that…

    • Then feel free to program them.

    • I tried a build with Toad of Hugeness (!). It was stellar! Summon toad, toad slurps enemy into his gut and spits the fool out. Pretty badass. Too bad I can’t get the current update to run in the emulator due to version incompatibilities 🙁
      Oh, by the way, the dude also implemented the spiders or something else, not sure, but the WD is getting some love, don’t worry!

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